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May 27th, 2011 The Scottish Mafia at Home in Their Florida Catio

Judi and her husband live in Fort Pierce, Florida, where their lives are controlled by their four Scottish Folds, AKA the Scottish Mafia. Liam, Fiona, Fibber and Oliver have a kitty paradise in their giant 6′ x 12′ screened in catio that Judi and her husband added onto their already large screened porch area. Inside this tropical paradise, the kits get to enjoy cat-safe foliage including patio palms, impatiens and parsley, plus tons of other feline amenities.

Climbing ramps and perches are all made from untreated rough-sawn cedar that’s wrapped with natural sisal. Wheatgrass and catnip patches below the ramps provide wonderful grazing areas and a cool place to nap, although they need to be replaced continuously because of a few feline junkies.

The koi pond provides endless hours of entertainment, and Judi says that the fish are perfectly safe because the cats haven’t yet figured out how to get in there without getting wet.

The mafia enjoys a lovely custom made litterbox hideaway made with birch veneer and cherry stain to match the exterior of the main house.

With so many comfy spots to nap, this is definitely kitty heaven for this adorable crew.

The Scottish Mafia: Fiona, Oliver, Fibber and Liam.

21 Responses to “The Scottish Mafia at Home in Their Florida Catio”

  1. Debbie Says:

    What a fabulous catio! I love the cat walks, and the fact that they even have a koi pond! Are impatient and palms ok foliage for cats? I love them but thought they were on the list of plants to avoid for cats–??? I’m still finishing up our catio. It’s definitely not as pretty as this one, but my kitties are happy with it.

  2. Ev Russell Says:

    Wonderful!!! In my next life, I will come back as one of Judi’s Scottish Folds!!

  3. Mylene Says:

    OMG, you’re Scottish Mafia is ADORABLE! I love Scottish Folds! THe catio is amazing!

  4. Corinne Says:

    What a lovely feline paradise! It looks so peaceful and the cats seem very content. Do you know if they used nylon mesh screening or metal? One of our cats in the past has shredded a nylon mesh screen, so I would be concerned about that.

  5. ZP Says:


  6. Freon Says:

    When I die, I want to come back as one of your cats. What a lovely habitat for them.

  7. Amber Says:

    I love the outhouse look of the litterbox hideaway!

  8. PJ Yergey Says:

    Talk about some spoiled rotten kitties! Petey and Cady are jealous. Their catio is just gorgeous Judi. Now what have you done for yourselves?

  9. Gretagekko Says:

    What a beautiful & creative playground for all your kitties, they seem to be very content. Love it!

  10. Terrie Says:

    Wow! What an awesome catio!! The Scottish Mafia sure are lucky :)

  11. lourdes and marfil Says:

    hello judy, what a beautiful catio !!!
    and of course I can see the mafia is so happy and content ,what a
    beautiful job you and your husband have done .
    hope with lots of health and joy you and the mafia enjoy it !!!

    marfil and lourdes

  12. Laura Says:

    I want to be one of your cats. What a great place you have made for them.

  13. Tish Hudgens Says:

    I would like to get in touch with this couple if at all possible, or have them contact me at my e-mail address because I live in Vero Beach, just up the road from Fort Pierce, and I also have Scottish Folds, although mine are longhairs. I have just turned the breeders I got them from onto Catios — they hadn’t heard of them and, of course, think they are just a great idea. The breeders are in Fort Lauderdale and have bred Folds for 30 years (website: and they are interested in where they got their kitties as you don’t see them around much. We all think their catio is just supreme!!

  14. GuyWith3Cats Says:

    Love it, great catio!

  15. Annita Says:

    i LOVE WHAT YOU HAVE DONE ITS A LITTLE PIECE OF HEAVEN FOR YOUR GANG I would love to do that or something like it for my 2 but need a house first,thanks for showing your happy Mafia kitties !!

  16. jmuhj Says:

    This is without a doubt the ultimate cat Paradise. I am also concerned about the plants being safe for cats, and hope the pond is safe for them. My folks’ koi pond ended up being not good at all for a wild raccoon who used to visit intent on “fishing”. Hopefully the Guidfellas will stay out of yours ;)

  17. Judi Says:

    Hi Lourdes & Marfil and Patti, Petey & Cady! Olly says “Hi, Ev!”

    The impatiens are fine for cats, as are the palms. Only Fibber has munched on the palms, but only when the grass and ‘nip are missing; he prefers those over palms. ;)

    The screen is fiberglas, and so far we’ve had no problems in 15+ years.

    To Tish in Very Beach:
    email me at

    Liam, Fiona & Fibber came from Linanci Folds (retired), and Oliver aka Olly-O-Boy-Let’s-Play! came from Kinross in Canada. (Hi Ev!)

    Thanks for the compliments everyone. We enjoy it as much as the kits do. :)

  18. Weetzie's Says:

    Wow… just wow. It’s absolutely gorgeous, peaceful, and super fun all at the same time. So amazing!!

  19. Chuck Derouen Says:

    Absolutely, a complete cat paradise. Might as well make them some cat cabinets and complete custom kitchen.

  20. Judi Says:

    Tish, email me at Be happy to chat w/ you. :)

    The impatiens and palms are fine. The screening is fiberglass. This is not the “animal-proof” fiberglass screening, although we’ve not had any problems from inside or out.

    Thanks for all the comments! The kits love it and so do we. :)

  21. mr voltage guy Says:

    Bum and chubby cat! Lol!

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