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April 27th, 2011 Catnip Modular Cat Enclosures Keeping Cats Safe in Australia

If you live in Australia and you’re looking to create an amazing outdoor cat enclosure for your cats, then you must check out the selection from Catnip Cat Enclosures. This company makes some of the most adaptable outdoor cat enclosures I’ve seen. For over 17 years this family owned business has designed cat enclosures for every possible configuration.

Catnip cat enclosures can sit on the ground or they can be mounted to the side of a building. Standard enclosures are made of galvanized steel, but they can also be custom powder coated in any color to match your home. The enclosures almost disappear!

You can order complete DIY kits or individual modules and connecting tunnels. There are also accessories available including hammocks, shelves, and covers.

The folks at Catnip highly recommend that you install a pet door to give your cats access to an outdoor enclosure. They can help you find just the right pet door for your situation, whether you have a window, door, wall, or sliding door leading to your enclosure.

Catnip cat enclosures are the perfect way to add a safe outdoor area to your home that allows your cats to enjoy some fresh air and sunshine. At this time Catnip enclosures are only available in Australia, but they may be available for export sometime soon. Check out all the details at

April 21st, 2011 Kittywalk Town & Country Outdoor Playground for Indoor Cats

The Kittywalk Town & Country collection includes a variety of outdoor cat enclosure components that can be connected to create a spacious and safe outdoor playground for your cats. This configuration shows the 6′ long Deck & Patio enclosure, with the Kabana shade awning and hammock, attached to the 5′ tall Penthouse that has three levels for climbing and napping.

Purchase the components separately, or get this whole collection at for just $269.95, including free shipping.

April 14th, 2011 Cat Cottage Senior Sanctuary in Pasadena

The Cat Cottage Senior Sanctuary is a special little hideaway in Pasadena, CA built just for senior and special needs kitties. These lucky kitties have a wonderful catio so they can safely enjoy the beautiful Southern California weather in their golden years.

The structure itself was originally a prefab TuffShed barn, with a vaulted ceiling and a loft. They were able to customize it with windows and a skylight to give the kitties lots of natural light inside. They had power lines run underground for electricity, then added insulation, drywall, window trim, paint, a dimmable chandelier, handmade kitty stairway to the loft, and an air conditioner as well as a small catio. It’s a small space, but with so much vertical room, plus the catio, it’s fine for elderly cats who spend most of the day following the sun from one nap spot to another!

The Cat Cottage is not accepting any new residents at this time, but you can follow them on Facebook to see the beautiful senior cats in their care, as well as listings for senior cats that are available for adoption. Next time you’re thinking of adding another furry family member, please consider adopting a senior cat!