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December 31st, 2010 Brad’s Custom Cat Enclosure

Brad Stone built this spacious cat enclosure for his well-loved felines at his home in Texas. The spacious enclosure measures 15 feet by 24 feet by 6 feet tall, so there’s plenty of room for Brad to hang out with the cats. It’s a basic structure made with wood posts and galvanized metal fencing with plenty of ramps, shelves, and posts inside to keep the cats entertained. Read more about Brad’s cat enclosure on his website.

3 Responses to “Brad’s Custom Cat Enclosure”

  1. Steven Says:

    LOL – I looked at that lower left picture of the cat going into the enclosure, and it looks like a sad prisoner goin’ into the slammer! :-)

    Sorry, just had to share…

  2. Says:

    Love what you’ve done for your cats. You’re quite the best cat dad I have ever seen.
    I am going to have my husband recreate your catio once we relocate and get settled.
    I’d love to make the in house runs you have too but doubt I could get support for the idea.
    Your cats are some lucky little ones.
    Best to you.

  3. kerry Says:

    This is just awesome! I built a very small enclosure that is 8X* and not nearly as cool as this. On the other hand, I did it for under $50!

    Very nice job you did here.

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