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October 5th, 2010 Introducing the Complete DIY Catio Design Guide to Help You Build Your Own Outdoor Cat Enclosure!

If you’ve been wanting to build your own catio, but you don’t know where to start, then this is for you! Introducing the brand new complete DIY Catio Design Guide. This guide includes a full set of plans to help you build your own outdoor cat enclosure, no matter how much, or how little, space you have.

The DIY Catio Design Guide includes complete plans for building four different catio models in a variety of sizes. The guide includes a tools and materials list for each model plus color 3-D architectural drawings to help guide you through the process. The four models are:

Model 1: The Luxor Catio

The Luxor Catio is the most spacious design, perfect for cat owners with a big yard or large outdoor space who want to build a safe and spacious sanctuary for their cats. The Luxor is built away from the house and is connected by a cat run or tunnel “catwalk” which allows your cats to get from the house to the catio safely. The Luxor plans include Extra Large (16×16), Large (8×24), Medium (8×16), and Small (8×8).

Model 2: The Ritz Catio

The Ritz Catio attaches to one side of your house with access through a cat flap on the side of the house. This model allows you to use an existing door to access the catio yourself when you want to spend time with your kitty. The Ritz plans include Large (8×24), Medium (8×16), and Small (8×8).

Model 3: The Windows on the World Catio

The Windows on the World Catio is ideal for cat lovers with limited outdoor space. It attaches to the side of your house and uses the existing window to allow your cat access from inside your house. The Windows on the World Catio plans include Large (2×10) and Medium (2×5).

Model 4: The Petite Window Catio

The Petite Window Catio is supported on your window frame much like an AC unit. No more worrying about unsafe windows once you have your simple and secure Petite Window Catio built. Perfect for the urban cat lover!

The Catio Design Guide is exactly what you need to build your own catio, or use it to hire a handyman. The guide was created with the following considerations:

  • Easy to construct with common tools even if you have little prior carpentry experience
  • Detailed step-by-step instructions anyone can follow
  • Simple design and construction process, complex building techniques are not needed
  • Built from inexpensive common materials available at all local hardware stores
  • Protected by buried wire screens to keep your cats safe from dangerous predators like coyotes
  • Attractive designs which complement your home
  • Plans can be scaled to suit your individual catio needs
  • Easily customizable models, the simple addition of shelves and plants and a touch of your own creativity will make your catio complete

The complete DIY Catio Design Guide includes all 10 catio plans (Luxor – extra large, large, medium & small; Ritz – large, medium & small; Windows on the World – large & medium; and Petite Window) in a downloadable pdf for $49.99. The guide comes with a 60-day no questions asked money back guarantee, so if you don’t find it useful, your money will be refunded.

And just for visiting the site and submitting your email, you can receive five free bonus items:

  • Tips for Growing Catnip & How to Make a Great Catnip Toy
  • Deadly Plants for Cats
  • Tips on Growing Oatgrass
  • Tips on Growing Wheatgrass
  • DIY Ideas for Your New Catio

Order your guide today!

15 Responses to “Introducing the Complete DIY Catio Design Guide to Help You Build Your Own Outdoor Cat Enclosure!”

  1. Connie Hurtado Says:

    This is great! I made a small one years ago that attached to my kitchen window and my cats absolutely loved it but it didnt look the greatest. I’d love to have this so I can make a better looking one now.

  2. Kimberly Says:

    I wish I had known about this sooner! I purchased a pre-fab “catio”, and plan to retrofit it another brand covered kennel for more space. Building my own would have been much cheaper, I’m sure. Probably better looking too!

  3. Carrie Says:

    Couldn’t have come at a better time for me. I’m making an offer TONIGHT on a home with a perfect place for a catio . . . it’s one of the main reasons I’m buying it! While I don’t know if the dimensions I need are covered in this publication, the fact that the plans are scalable and the MATERIALS list alone will probably make it a worthwhile purchase for me.

  4. Tanya Says:

    Finally someone who thinks cat. I made a small one years ago and am getting ready to expand. I have the place picked out and ready to build.

  5. Marta Esterkin Says:

    Great iniciative, this is long overdue!
    We’re building catios for our Girgurim (Purrs) Cat Sanctuary in Israel, and hope by doing this we’ll help promote this great wellfare and wellbeing enhancement for cats in the Holly Land!

  6. PD Budd Says:

    This may be off the topic but…
    would this work for a small chicken coop? I want to connect one to my garage door. I could cover part of the roof, etc. which I think cats need also since these designs look like the cats are open to rain and snow and sun?
    My cats go outside on their own and do not need a catio but having chickens protected from the cats would be a plus.

  7. Samantha Nichols Says:

    Hi all

    This is Samantha Nichols the founder of catiodesigns. Thank so much for all the kind words here and on moderncat!..If any of you have questions about the guides email me directly at I would be happy to help in any way i can


  8. Debbie Says:

    I have a small catio,to keep my feline furkids safe in the outdoors. I’d like help furnishing it though… and maybe eventually going bigger. I foster rescue cats and this is such a great compromise.

  9. gin Says:

    Well, if I wasn’t on the verge of losing my home, I’d be building a catio today–my fosters-turned-personal pets have ravaged the house and this would have been terrific a few years back. Maybe someday…with more understanding neighbors…and money…

  10. Tagati Says:

    Wonderful! Wish I had had this years ago as the cats would have loved it! Now I’ll have to wait as I’m in the process of relocating.

  11. Carrie Says:

    Darn it! I mainly bought this for the materials list and it’s built using CHICKEN WIRE. I really hoped for something a little more classy . . . at least suggestions for alternate wires. : (

  12. Samantha Nichols Says:

    Hi Carrie,

    We are working on providing alternative solutions to the chicken wire
    in the next version of the designs guide. If you want to email me directly at I would be more than happy to help you with ideas.


  13. Catio Plans Now Available from Catio Showcase | mousebreath! An online lifestyle magazine for cat & kittens and their cat lovers Says:

    [...] you’ve been wanting to build your own catio, but don’t know where to start, there’s a new Catio Design Guide available to help you get it done. The guide includes 10 complete plans for building outdoor cat [...]

  14. Genny Says:

    I’m excited that there are ways to DIY your own catio, but knowing what I want and looking for specific instructions on that particular design, I was hoping you had a cheaper version of your book. Will you be splitting the book up into the specific designs?

  15. Brenda Valle Says:

    This is a great idea. I live in a small condo and would only be interested in The Petite Window Catio. Do you sell the plans just for this one. I would not be able to use any of the others and I live on a limited budget like so many retired seniors. My son could build it for me.

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