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October 23rd, 2010 A Safe Kitty Haven with Southwest Flair

When Stokely and her dad moved from Long Island to Las Vegas, she was used to living outside, but there are all sorts of desert predators in Vegas that might prove dangerous to an outdoor kitty, so dad built her a special enclosure for their new Southwest home. Stokely now has a beautiful outdoor patio where she can lounge during the day and at night she goes into her own private house that’s locked safely inside a predator-proof fence where she can sleep without any worries. With food and water and lots of places to nap — plus I’m sure she sees the occassional lizard run by for entertainment — Stokely seems to be enjoying her desert paradise.

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  1. Steph Says:

    Is there a cat door for Stokely to go inside the actual house where her “dad” lives? Can’t tell from the pictures. Looks like a lovely kitty retreat tho. Also where is the litter box? I’m actually looking for info on building an outdoor cat box. Thanks–Steph

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