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September 5th, 2010 Linda and Randy’s Amazing Oregon Catitat


When Linda and Randy moved from Seattle to Bend, Oregon, they wanted to create a space for their cats to go outside, but they were concerned about the coyotes and barn owls in the area since they live near a large land preserve. So they decided to build this incredible “catitat” to let their kitties have a safe place to roam.


Linda and Randy hired a fencing company to build the structure and then stained the wood themselves. The main structure is 24 feet by 40 feet and it is filled with climbing shelves, ramps, grass, and natural elements like a large dead tree, perfect for natural scratching! The main supports are sunken into the ground about 6 inches and secured with concrete. Also the wire fencing extends about 6 inches blow ground to keep other critters from burrowing in. There is a full-size door into the catitat so Linda and Randy can join the cats in their outdoor paradise, which they do frequently when the weather is nice.


The cats access the catitat through a long walkway leading from a cat door inside a cabinet in the house to the main enclosure. The roof of the walkway comes off in segments, just in case there is an emergency and a cat needs to be removed from the walkway.


As you can see, the cats sure do seem to enjoy this incredible structure. I wonder if they know just how lucky they are!


33 Responses to “Linda and Randy’s Amazing Oregon Catitat”

  1. blanket Says:

    I think they have probably thought of everything. I would love to do something like this, my cats would love it and such peace of mind keeping them safe. I would probably end up getting loads more cats :)

  2. Terrie Says:

    That is amazing! What a wonderful place for the cats. I love that Linda and Randy can spend time outside with the cats, too :)

  3. Behemothxp Says:

    that is just wonderfully amazing… I love cats and if I ever get a land such as yours… this is the first thing I’ll do! It is simply perfect =) I just hope I can finish uni fast enough so my little ginger tiger can enjoy it too

  4. Chamomilla Says:

    Fantastic! Happy cats!

  5. Jenn Says:

    What a fabulous catio! Now you just need to stuff it with cat nip and grass and other plants for the kitties to sniff, eat and lay under. I know my cats adore the plants I’ve been packing into my new balcony garden!

  6. Barbara Says:

    sooooooo jealous! oh man this is amazing…but I’d have to 2-3 ways in since my brats will block each other but boy is this something to aspire to!

  7. Soft Pwas Cattery Says:

    It’s been my dream to have something like this for my cats. Thank you for this article and the pictures!

  8. morgan harmony Says:

    hi there so awesome i wish i could create something like this for my cats youd never have to worry about them again i sooo want to make this for my cats mr mc larry and little miss prada so awesome!

  9. Eh Says:

    I noticed quite a bit of poop.
    The cats look happy, but the amount of… deposits is worrying.

  10. uglystick Says:

    Wow, keeps birds safe too. Is that cat poop all over the ground?

  11. uglystick Says:

    No, Lol. it’s pine cones!!

  12. ian Says:

    We used to call this a”cattery.”

  13. Lisa Says:

    Love this! Wishing my yard was a bit bigger now!

  14. Donna Says:

    This is absolutely awesome. I would love something similar for year-round. I’m tiring of cat hair on my furniture. :-)

  15. Lisa Says:

    This is so elaborate and so very nice!
    I want to live there!

    Two paws up….

  16. tjb0607 Says:

    Holy crap, this is in bend? Wow, I just StumbleUpon’d it, aand I live in bend! lol! what a coincidence.

    Nice, I bet the cats love it. :P

  17. Shirley Says:

    Wow, what a cat Shangri-la, many people don’t have the luxury of outdoor accommodations like that. Do they know how lucky they are? And what a beautiful, spacious yard.

  18. Linda Balsiger (catitat owner) Says:

    Someone asked if that was poop – no, it is pine cones. There are a lot of pine trees nearby, so lots of pine needles and cones. Once in a while I see them bury something in there but they mostly use their indoor messboxes for the “big” deposits. Guess they don’t want to mess up their paradise!

  19. Stephanie Says:

    The other commentor is right, notice how the pinecones also appear outside the cat habitat? poop couldn’t do that

  20. “Linda and Randy’s Amazing Oregon Catitat” @ Animals in the news Says:

    [...] Tags: Cat, Habitat This entry was posted Wednesday, 6 October, 2010 at 8:59 pm You can follow [...]

  21. Dragonfly Says:

    awesome! now that’s the habitat :) lol.. people are funny..why would kitteh poop be that huge?

  22. M Says:

    Those are pine cones, not poop cones.

  23. rabryson Says:

    I’ve said it a 1000 times. We pet owners will spend anything and everything to keep our pets in style. This is fabulous!! It looks extremely well constructed and even Zen.

  24. Laurel Says:

    I agree with M when he/she said that they’re pine cones not poop, but I feel it should be clarified again. Wonderful place for cats though! :)

  25. MaryWitzl Says:

    I could tell those were pine cones — no self-respecting cat would leave its scat out where people could see it.

    I would LOVE one of these myself. Wish I had someone to build it for me.

  26. Marjjane Says:

    Wow! Wish I could have someone build one for my cats! What an awesome idea!

  27. Susan Says:

    Cannot help wondering if the cats ever fuss to get out of even this paradise. They have such wandering spirits…

  28. James Barklow Says:

    I don’t even know where to start with that. Just the wood is amazing, let alone the design.

  29. Shelly Says:

    Hmm… the fence holes look small, and it has a solid roof on it. How do the pine cones get through?
    A bigger cage, but still a cage. Paradise? Perhaps.

  30. Kristin Says:

    This is amazing! Does anyone know how much this cost to complete?

  31. Dean Says:

    Hi, could you tell me what kind of wood you used? How do i keep it weatherproof/rainproof? thanks so much for your help! Yours is absolutely beautiful. I’d like to build ours asap thanks

  32. Sarah Says:

    You’ve made them very happy kitties :)

  33. Cath Says:

    I was wondering if the cats used the outdoors for their eliminational duties…I thought they may not, which bummed me to find out they don’t, it would have been my reason to build one. I love cats but the urine is toxic and accumulative in my hot-humid climate.

    Hmmm, a 2nd section with a lift top and a little coaching may be doable.
    Thanks for the ideas & thoughts :)

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