Catio Showcase

July 17th, 2010 Enter to Win a Kritter Kondo Deluxe!

Kritter Kondo Deluxe

Kritter Kommunity has just announced the launch of their brand new Kritter Kondo Deluxe, and this is your chance to win one! The original Kritter Kondo was invented by Lisa Illman, President and Founder of Kritter Kommunity, who was looking for a way to safely allow her cats to enjoy a little outdoor time. Due to city building codes, Lisa was not able to build a custom catio for her cats, so instead she designed a portable structure that is easy to set-up, water resistant, and easy to store. Lisa’s cats loved the Kritter Kondo and she started receiving requests from friends and family for the product, so she created her company to manufacture and market portable outdoor pet enclosures.

The most recent addition to the product line-up is the deluxe version of the Kritter Kondo featuring a shade canopy, doors on both ends, and a carrying case. The Kritter Kondo Deluxe sells for $154.99.

Kritter Kondo Deluxe


One lucky reader is going to receive a Kritter Kondo Deluxe! To enter the giveaway, please leave a comment on this post. The winner will be chosen in a random drawing on July 24, 2010. One entry per person. This giveaway is limited to addresses in the US and Canada.

875 Responses to “Enter to Win a Kritter Kondo Deluxe!”

  1. Holly Says:

    Oh, first comment, cool! :-)

    Alice is an indoor cat, but enjoys spending time outside in the fresh air, so this would be great!

  2. Susannah Says:

    This is cool and would fit on my balcony!

  3. Mason Canyon Says:

    This is a wonderful giveaway and a fabulous way to let the kitties enjoy the outsides without having to worry about them getting hurt. I’d love to enter this contest for my two cats, Little One and Gum Drop. Thanks so much.

    Thoughts in Progress

  4. Cynthia Says:

    This is so neat! My cats would love this.

  5. Becky Says:

    This Kritter Kondo Deluxe would be wonderful for my new kitten, Shadow, who is an indoor kitty. He who would love the chance to experience the outdoor air, he is always sitting in a window watching birds! Thanks for this wonderful invention!

  6. Emily Irvine Says:

    Oh wow this would be great. I have to say I would like to be able to have my cats outside sometimes. Great idea!

  7. Holly Says:

    What a great idea! My kitties would love to able to go outside in this.

  8. katy Says:

    17 year old Tortie learned how to walk outside of balcony slats… 3rd floor ….because mom would panic and shake the treat jar! she is not allowed out since. her baby sis of 5 years has not been given a chance to learn this trick at all. Kritter Kondo is the answer! fingers crossed!

  9. Fran Says:

    How cool is this! Perfect for hurricane evacuations too. With this my cats would be safer at a strange location yet not confined to their carriers.

  10. CindyP Says:

    Awww….this is the *only* way I’d let our cats outside…trouble is, which of the 4 would get to use it first! (they wouldn’t all want to be together in it…).

  11. Lara Says:

    Oh wow, I have been coveting one of these for months. My cats escape onto my 2nd floor apartment patio at least two or three times a week (usually when I’m coming in from an errand), but it’s not safe for them to be out there. This would totally solve the problem.

  12. Cristal Says:

    One of my cats would love this! He is always wanting to be outside!

  13. Elisabeth Says:

    This is a wonderful invention. My indoor cats would love this!!

  14. Sara Says:

    This is a wonderful idea to make sure that my indoor kitties get a chance to enjoy the fresh air!

  15. Hannah G Says:

    My kitty, Ruby is ALWAYS wanting to go outside and this looks PERFECT! :)

  16. Ursula Says:

    My little guys would love this! and it has an adorable roof for shade!

  17. m.d Says:

    looks perfect! my kitties love to go outside, but i’m afraid they could get hurt or lost. it’s a great way for them to get some fresh air.

  18. Lindsay Says:

    How cool is this?!? My cats would love to sit out on the porch in this little contraption!

  19. Darcey Says:

    Wow! This is a great give away! I’d love this condo for my two cats. They’ve never been outside because I’ve never had a safe place for them, but this would be awesome! I think they’d really enjoy it. Thank you for the opportunity.

  20. Marina Says:

    Great idea! My cat loves it!

  21. Alice Kieft Says:

    This is so cool! Yin and Yang will love it!

  22. AnnasMamma Says:

    I’ve been considering one of these for a while and really like the design. The canopy roof for shade is nice.

  23. Lionesse Says:

    Cute! My only problem is we have six kitties. They would have to flip a coin to see who uses it =)

  24. Kristy B Says:

    My kitties would love to go outside, but living in an apartment complex, it’s not possible. This would be an awesome way to let them “explore” the outdoors!

  25. Anthony Says:

    my ladies would look so cute in this out on the porch.

  26. Wenona Napolitano Says:

    My kitties would love this- too cute.

    wenonawildrose @ aol. com

  27. Lissy Says:

    Apartment living keeps my girls safe inside but being able to take them outside SAFELY would be awesome!

  28. Zippy, Sadie and Speedy Says:

    We would love one of these, then we could stop being cramped in the pop up dog kennel!

  29. caren gittleman Says:

    my cat also is an “indoor” cat but how he would love to go out with his Sheltie brother and watch him play ball, all in the safe confines of this great Kritter Kondo!!!! I think he would just love it! I am thinking I could also put it on our balcony and let him relax in the sunshine!

  30. Alisa Says:

    Wow! This looks like the solution to my delimna of allowing my cats some outside time. While they love being outside, there are just too many dangers close by (busy street). What an ingeniuos idea!


    What a wonderful idea!!..Jim and I live on the second floor and have a small balcony…our Lexie loves to sit out with us but we’re always afraid she’ll jump down and run away…this would be perfect !!!

  32. rhonda Says:

    My two girls would love to go outside and hang out in this deluxe abode!

  33. jen Says:

    My cat went missing for pretty much the entire month of June. I know he likes going outside, but I’m a little too worried to let him out again after going through that. This would be great for him!

  34. Stacey Bradley Says:

    My cats would love this. They are always trying to escape outside but with this they could safely enjoy the outdoors.

  35. Cindi Says:

    What a wonderful outdoor Kondo Deluxe…We only have indoor cats
    and it would be great to have them on the porch and deck with
    Many thanks, Cindi

  36. Sue Says:

    Oscar would so love this over his metal dog crate. He is the king of my six cats and deserves the best

  37. Maile Says:

    Oh! This is perfect for Smokey, my husband’s to be, cat that is “retired” at his parents farm in rural MO! He loves going outside, but because of his age, he really shouldn’t go out (well..all cats should be kept indoors, but some just HAVE feel the wind in their hair) and Smoker’s is one of them! Sitting by an open window (in the summer w/the ac on isn’t the GREENEST way….and he doesn’t like it either). This would be perfect! Regardless IF we win…or not…HE WILL…this is definitely on our “lets Make Smokey’s Golden Years THE BEST”!

  38. MBC Says:

    This is a great idea! We allow our Sphynx out on a leash (supervised, of course), but this would be a much safer way of letting him safely enjoy the outside!

  39. Nita Says:

    This is pretty cool. Great idea with making a portable enclosure – a terrific way to let indoor cats get a taste of the outdoors without building something permanent. Thanks for the offer!

  40. Vickie Says:

    Our little Babe would love one of these. What an idea!

  41. Tanja Says:

    That would be absolutely perfect for The Tater-tot. I know he would love outdoor time!

  42. Sheila Says:

    What a great idea! This would be perfect for my Joey, the red tabby!!

  43. Chris Says:

    My 3 indoor cats would LOVE to be outside on the deck with me!

  44. Karn Says:

    Wow, this would make my indoor kitties very happy!

  45. ct Says:

    Win win win

  46. debp Says:

    This would be great for my cats. They would like to be outside with me, but I won’t let them run lose.

  47. Cheri Says:

    My little guy is an indoor kitty, but LOVES outside time. This would be perfect when I’m working in the yard. He could join me!

  48. Donna Says:

    My cat always wants to go outside—with the Kondo he would be able to!

  49. Jess W Says:

    I’ve been wanting something like this for my Josie!

  50. Gina Anderson Says:

    Ohhhh, my cats would love to be able to go out on the deck in this!!!!

  51. basil cat's pal Says:

    Mr. Basil saw the photo and meowed, let me in there! I can watch the squirrels and butterflies and they won’t be able to get me!

  52. Eeeeee Says:

    What an ingenious idea. Apartment living with a balconey gives the cats outdoor time and air. Even home-dwellers can protecyt their animals while grabbing some fresh air.

  53. Erin Says:

    My cat would love this!!! He is so curious about everything. He would love to go outside and watch us garden!

  54. Workyholic Says:

    My kitties could hang out on the patio with this. :)

  55. Dianna Wentz Says:

    This is really a smart idea!!! I have two that would love to be on the deck with us in this beauty!!

  56. Evelyn Says:

    What an innovative way to give our sweeties fresh air and keep them safe :) Thank you for inventing such a wonderful gift.

  57. Amanda Carter Says:

    I would love to be able to take Chloe outside once in a while…

  58. Lavell Says:

    What an excellent idea – my indoor Egyptian Mau would love one of these, it would help him get a bit closer to nature!

  59. JoAnne Says:

    My Himalayan cat would love this he would be able to spend time outside again by himself and not on a leash!

  60. Ann Says:

    It is so true what they say: necessity is the mother of invention! I wish I had the “creative” mind to come up with something like the kritter kondo deluxe – This is a great idea; congratulations on the design!

  61. Susan Irving Says:

    I recently inherited my mom’s 12 year old outdoor cat Max. My vet had to take all of his teeth out. He is not able to defend himself anymore so he is no longer allowed outside. The Kritter Kondo Deluxe would be an amazing thing for him.

  62. B.E. Says:

    Oh my kitties would love this. They are indoor cats, but this would allow them some freedom outside. Great idea!

  63. Rhonda Says:

    This would be SO much better than the heavy playpen cage that I have to cart around when we get evacuated because of fires here in California! And they could also use it to get some fresh air on nice days. What’s not to love?

  64. Suzie Leavitt Says:

    This is a really neat prize. I hope I win.

  65. Jennifer S Says:

    What a wonderful idea! My boyfriend and i have been talking about getting a little outdoor something for our furbabies and this seems perfect. Oh!oh!pick me pick me!! =)

  66. Kitty Says:

    My foster kittens would just love this. and my five cats would have a ball. They are indoors all the time but aways lay on the window sill wanting to outside.

  67. Christine Says:

    My two indoor cats desperately want to go outside whenever their big canine sister goes out. This would be perfect for them to laze outdoors with her on a beautiful day. Love it, love it, love it!

  68. Sha Says:

    My indoor cat needs this, especially because a raccoon family has taken vacancy under the porch. It’s a very attractive catio too.

  69. Anita Says:

    Just LOVE it! Perfect for them to get some sunshine and fresh air. Just moved recently and this would give them an opportunity to explore without “getting into trouble”!

  70. olbat Says:

    I have 3 girls who are not outside kitties but would enjoy something like that. I have looked into chainlink enclosures but they are very expensive. My girls watch my ferals but I don’t have many windows for them to sit in to get sun and fresh air. THis would work for them. D

  71. Bernadette Says:

    My cat LOVES the outdoors, but needs a safe place, so this is perfect!!

  72. Melissa Says:

    This would be perfect for my boys! Very cool!

  73. Mikelle Says:

    My kitties would love it! No more wistful gazes out the windows!

  74. Odean Cusack Says:

    What a delightful way for kitty to enjoy the outdoors!

  75. Meg S Says:

    Gracie is an indoor cat but loves spending time out on our screened in porch. This portable catio would allow her to spend time IN the grass like she really wants, not just out on the concrete floor. :)

  76. Rona Y Says:

    I’ve wanted something like this FOREVER! My cat loves going outside during summer, but has started to develop allergies making her harness very irritating to her skin. A Kitter Kondo would let her go out harness free!

  77. Heather H Says:

    This is just what my cat needs! He loves to go outside but must be on a leash, which he hates… and the few times that he has snuck out he has hid himself under the porch, refusing to move, so I imagine this would make a safe haven for the big, silly, scaredy-cat, where I could sit with him or do other things around the yard while he rolls in the dirt, eats grass, and sniffs things (which is all he ever does on the leash, anyway!)

  78. Lydia Says:

    Cleo & Junior would love the chance to go outdoors safely without the need for using the restrictive Cat transporter they have now. The transporter has very limited openings to look about, so they end up not enjoying their “out” time as much as they could. This would be a very pleasant change for them.

  79. joe Says:

    this would be PERFECT

    we JUST got a property in the woods and i want to start taking my cat up there on weekends but i want to introduce her to the outdoors slowly, this is perfect

  80. SANDRA Says:


  81. Susie L Says:

    What a great solution! My cat would love to keep my company when I’m hanging out on my deck.

  82. Amy Chamberlain Says:

    I love this, I just hope we don’t get fleas!!!

  83. adrian Says:

    My 2 cats would adore this. They’re always at the screen door wanting to go out. It’s a battle to keep them in and safe. As a matter of fact, we are now in the process of investigatng cat enclosures so we can let them outside. Trouble and Gracie would love basking in the sun while we know they are safe.

  84. Lundsay Says:

    Exactly what we need for Neko at the airplane hanger!

  85. Mari Says:

    Thanks for the giveaway, my lion cubs would like this. Actually they’re tabbies, but I call them lions!

  86. Robert715 Says:

    This is a wonderful idea especially for those of us who want to travel with our cats.

  87. Liz & Cassie Says:

    Delightful! Absolutely delightful!

  88. Pippa Says:

    My cats would love this! It would bring them one step closer to all those tasty birds.

  89. Eric Says:

    Cool! Seems like a great alternative to a Catio. My cats would love it!

  90. Carolee Says:

    Bebe would like this. She’s a little under 5 pounds.

  91. Diana Says:

    The fold-down looks convenient for travel. This may be the safest way to travel with a cat!

  92. Sydney Carpenter Says:

    My cat has to stay indoors now because of where we moved to but this would let me take my kitty outside for some fresh air everyonce in a while! outside air makes for a much happier kitty =)

  93. LaDonna Says:

    My kitties would love to be outside in this open condo. The breeze blowing their whiskers, their little noses twitching when smelling the outdoors, . . . Ahhhh. So relaxing…..

  94. Joan Says:

    I think this would even work on our city balcony! Our cats would love being outside. Love this!

  95. kaytie Says:

    Great idea. It would be perfect for my cats – especially for when I travel.

  96. Debbie W Says:

    What a great idea. Good for camping, picnics, etc..

  97. Michelle N Says:

    Wow this is perfect. I was envisioning something like this for my indoor cat and I was actually going to make it but now I see that it actually exists. I love it!

  98. Julia Says:

    Sarah, Donovan, and Mr. Boots would all like to take turns enjoying a Kritter Kondo Deluxe!

  99. Christine Says:

    What a fantastic and safe way for my cats to get some fresh air and sunshine this summer!

  100. Wendy M Says:

    Love this! Thanks for the giveaway!!

  101. Queen of the Click Says:

    What a fantastic giveaway! I’d love to win. I have two cats who want to go out in the backyard. We live in Brooklyn, NY and I don’t wan thte cats to get any disease from strays living in the area. I love how easily this condo folds down to be stored.

  102. Julia Says:

    we’ve been talking about building a pen! then our little fella could enjoy the roofdeck safely.

  103. M. Pence Says:

    I live in a tiny one bedroom apartment with my kitties. The younger, Flora, spends all her time in the window. We’ve even taken her for walks with harness on–but I don’t trust even that very well (cats are notorious Houdini’s when it comes to worming out of things.) I too, can’t build a catio but wish I could!

    I’d love to let Flora chillax this year when it starts cooling off with one of those!

  104. Carol Says:

    This is perfect for 2 of my cats. They can be outdoors without trying to run the neighborhood. My other cats won’t even try to go outside. I could also set it up inside for my Blue Boy who is losing his fight with the kidney problems caused by Iams 3 years ago. He has been isolated for 2 months now so I can give him his meds and fluids without having to chase him down. With this he could be out with the others

  105. Kimberly Felipe Says:

    Wow, this is a fabulous invention!! A great way for the indoor kitties to taste the wild windy outdoors. :) This is an awesome giveaway! Thanks for the chance to win.

  106. Pat Johnson Says:

    This is much more attractive than Kitty Walk and it has the sunshade already attached.

  107. Amberly Says:

    My cat Kallisti loves walking outside on her leash and harness. Our other cat, Rex is terrified of being out doors and hates his harness. This would let me take both cats outside. I love it.

  108. STONY Says:

    Please my baby wants to be outside soo bad. Thanks

  109. Grace Says:

    This is one of the greatest ideas yet for apartment dwellers, and even for backyards where cats can get under fences.
    My cat escaped the other day, and this would be a perfect solution for him to enjoy patio life with us. I really hope I win.

  110. Susan Says:

    Oh, my cat would love this! (Since he Cannot Be Trusted outside alone!)

  111. Edward Sonnenschein Says:

    Now this is something that the cats would love to have in order to get some additional outside time. this could bring them even closer than being on the screened patio.

  112. KSee Says:

    My two girls would love this. I bet the two boys who go in & out would want to be in there also! how cool is this! Size is just right for my patio.

  113. Jason Says:

    These are sooo cool! Count me in for the contest. :)


  114. Alyssa Says:

    this is such a great idea! It is a nice product to use as I save up for a big outdoor cat room for my minions.

  115. Sean Sonnenschein Says:

    i have an image of this catio being in the yard and my cats stretched out enjoying a saturday afternoon getting a little sun.

  116. Auz Says:

    Wow! My cats can get teased by the lizards outside

  117. kimmy Says:

    We need one! We have two Burmese who would dearly love to enjoy the out of doors….

  118. megan Says:

    My indoor kitty can look at the birdies outside. He’d love this!

  119. bill Sonnenschein Says:

    What will you all think of next. I am just amazed at all the different things available to our pets these days. The cats would certainly enjoy hillllllll

  120. Megan Says:

    This is pretty cool. It’d be awesome to let the cats hang out in for awhile and watch the birds.

  121. Kim I Says:

    This would be a great outdoor enclosure for my two indoor kitties. I love the way it folds down and would be so much easier to use than our playpen cage.

  122. Melisa Says:

    My kitties would LOVE to finally be able to go outside!! I hope I win!

  123. Nanzilla Says:


  124. Tina Marie Says:

    Wow. This seems like a perfect solution if you don’t have space for a full catio.

  125. sally schwartz Says:

    what a great idea. my cat is strictly indoors, but sheloves to watch the birds and squirrels. i would feel safe letting her out on the back deck (supervised) with this.

  126. Jacquelynn F Says:

    My cats would LOVE this!
    A little sunshine, a little grass and a whole lot of security!

  127. Mel Says:

    I love the idea and my cats would love to be outside in this fancy stylish Kondo.

  128. Diana Says:

    Oh my gosh you were reading my mind! My two cats (Stash & Mystic) are clawing at my door to get out. Since changing home’s they no longer have a terrace for safe lounging. This would me an answer to their prayers and my pockets.

  129. Amy Says:

    Kritter Kondo Deluxe is a fantastic solution to allowing your kitties a safe and secure way to enjoy the outdoors! I know my mews would love this!!!

  130. Jessica Says:

    I LOVE THIS!! My three would absolutely adore it too, since they have a mean mother who won’t let them roam free outside. Love love LOVE!

  131. Nanci Says:

    Great invention to help kitties get fresh air and be safe! Love this giveaway.

  132. Jamie M. Says:

    What a thoughtful way to give our indoor cats a safe way to enjoy the outdoors. Love the shade canopy – gives them options.

  133. Shelley Reigers Says:

    This is a great giveaway. My kitties are indoor kitties and they could have a taste of the outdoors with still being safe. LOVE IT, WANT IT!!!

    =^-^= Shelley, and the kitty krew; Lili, Luci, and Mimi

  134. Adrianna Says:

    Oooh, this is so neat! Natasha would love it!

  135. Tracy Says:

    My Mufasa loves to be outside with us but if he sees a groundhog or bird or other cat he wants to go and play.. he refuses top wear a harness or collar so this would be ideal!! AWESOME!

  136. dani Says:

    that’s super cool. cookie would love to come hang with us outside!

  137. Lizzi Kadow Says:

    Wow, that looks like something my cats would love! I’ve been wanting to get them some type of outdoor playpen but the prices were too steep.

  138. Eric Seberg Says:

    This would let Kallie out of the bedroom.

  139. Mary Says:

    Ka-Ching would LOVE the chance to go outside more often…right now he gets to go out on his harness with Mom, but those outings can sometimes be relatively brief & not daily, so this would thrill him to be able to spend more extended time outside…He hollers and howls at the top of his lungs for every opportunity! I could still watch him this way and still be able to get the chores done etc! The Kritter Kondo Deluxe would be a fabulous patio hangout!

  140. Danielle Says:

    This is so awesome! Fatty and Benny love birdwatching – from inside the house only. This would give them a chance to be Kitties In The Wild!

  141. Angie C. Says:

    This would be wonderful to have. I could put the cats on the front patio while I weed or just enjoy hanging out. They hate having to stay inside and I hate not being able to hang out with them when I want to go out.

  142. Marisa Says:

    Looks super sturdy! I’m glad that it’s collapsible.

  143. Ded S Says:

    I have 3 rescue kitties in a 2 bedroom condo. They would love this kitty kondo! So would I! I’d love to see them have fun in this!

  144. Tanya Says:

    This is the best portable enclosure I’ve seen so far. Perfect in so many ways. Merlin (Bengal) likes going to the beach and the Kritter Kondo would be ideal for almost any outdoor excursion!

  145. Audrey Says:

    My 4 indoor cats would go crazy over this!

  146. Melissa Says:

    Great design… Would love to have this to let my indoor kitties get some fresh air and enjoy the outdoors!

  147. Mary Says:

    This is so awesome for our precious indoor cats who would love fresh air and be safe!

  148. Grayce Says:

    Safety first – just great – just pefect for Max !

  149. Kitty Says:

    I have started to look at Catios. I need something for the cats to be able to go outside.

    maynekitt [at] live [dot] com

  150. Patti Says:

    My girl would love this – we have a great little deck that she would love to get out on….

  151. Geri Says:

    This is too cute! What a great idea. I would love to win this.

  152. Joni Says:

    Gosh, is this cute! All of my cats are indoor-only cats, and they all look longinly through the doors onto the deck. I know they wish they could ne out there. We would so love to win thid outdoor enclosure!!

  153. seesbeauty Says:

    Ahhh! My cats love to be outside and would love this. Great job Lisa Illman!

  154. Susan Harmon Says:

    This is such a great idea! I love that they thought of providing shade.
    My family consists of myself, two furkids – Jackson, who is afraid of invisible monsters & Lola, our escape artist – oh, and my husband. This kondo would provide the needed security when Jackson or Lola make a request to see what’s happening outside. Mom & kitties would both be happy & that would make Dad happy!!

  155. Maverick Says:

    This is a fab idea!

  156. Emily Says:

    I have the Kittywalk for my deck and my cats LOVE it! I usually sit out there with them but if I have to pop inside for a second, I don’t have to worry about them wandering off or getting hurt.

  157. keith Says:

    This is super cool. The cats would love this!

  158. Danielle Says:

    How sweet! Our Buddha cat would love this!

  159. keith Says:


  160. Laura Says:

    My cat would enjoy this sooo much. He LOVES going outdoors, but hates being on a leash and I won’t let him out without one on. He would be the happiest boy if he had one of these!

  161. Kathleen Says:

    How cute! My two inside kitties could check out the rest of the world in this!

  162. Katie Cat Says:

    I have a sisfur, Cookie, that used to be an outdoor cat. I am sure that she would love to be able to go out again in the Kritter Kondo Deluxe! I have never been outside, except to go to the VET, and I think that I would be very brave and spend as much time as I can in this! We would really really really love to win one!

  163. Adriana Says:

    This is a wonderful started kit for my kitties as I would like to buy more to add to it so they have more walking safe space outdoors. Thank you for the offer.

  164. Barbara Hemmings Gray Says:

    Oh my those look like fun!! I have never been outside but I would love to try it with my anipals, Pascal and Bijou

    your friend Charlot

  165. daberko Says:

    That’s perfect for our new kitten. He wants outside so bad, but he’s going to be indoor only. At least he’ll be able to get some fresh air once in a while.

  166. Rebecca Says:

    This is perfect! Peeve loves being outside, but there just isn’t a safe place for her.

  167. Marge Says:

    Wow, this is great. My Kiki would love it.

  168. MarsPolarLander Says:

    My 2 Blues would love to play in this catio and smell the fresh air outside!

  169. Cindy A. Says:

    This is fantastic! Thank you so much for giving us a chance to win.

  170. pam decker Says:

    i tried to build my own outdoor play centers . they didint work so well. the best thing this shows me ,,is it is portable. wont rot over winter and can move if i move. yay

  171. Jami Says:

    My sweet kitties Lily and Ozzy would absolutely LOVE the Kriter Kondo Delux! I could finally let them outside on the patio with me and not have to worry about them. We would definitely put it to good use. Have a great and wonderful weekend!


  172. Stephen Says:

    Oh yeah, I can already see my spoiled brat loving this toy!

  173. Wgg Says:

    Tried making something like this for my cat and wasn’t very successful. Would love to get one.

  174. Diana Says:

    My Lucie is a bit skittish around strangers (OR people in general), and won’t come when she’s called at those times. This would be a great way not only to give her some outdoor time (I eat my breakfast out on the back patio almost every day), but would also make it possible to socialize her around the house with the roommate(s), and not have to spend three days trying to get her out from under the couch.

  175. Chien Says:

    My cat will love this. He alway wants to go outside.

  176. Miss Bren Says:

    We let all but one of our kitties out on the balcony/catio. The cat that we don’t allow out seems to be lacking some… kitty common sense as he tends to fall off the balcony. This would be a great solution for our sad kitty who stares out longingly at our other kitties!

  177. Roy Says:

    My kitty wants! Gimme gimme!

  178. Sarah C Says:

    Such a neat idea! I love how it folds up for storage too.

  179. Diane Says:

    My precious indoor cat would go “ga-ga” over this!

  180. Chris K Says:

    This looks like a great solution for taking our cats outdoors and not having to worry about them getting loose!

  181. Barbara Says:

    My little kitten, Sawyer, would love to be able to hang out on my balcony in this!

  182. Derek M. Koch Says:

    Our cat Khet likes being outside, but hasn’t seemed to figure out that jumping down from our second floor balcony is a bad idea! Our other cats don’t have this problem, but Khet . . . ? His lack of core strength and in ability to judge distance to the ground . . . ? Yeah, I think a Catio is a great idea for him!

  183. Jody Says:

    I know someone who would love this!

  184. Melinda Says:

    Oh, my kit is so jealous of my pup’s outdoor time, but hates the leash. This would be a perfect way to let them both lounge outside!

  185. Leigh Says:

    Such a great idea: cats can experience the big outdoors. And safely! My kitties would love it!

  186. Ann Says:

    what a great idea! Simba would love this! Thanks for the fantastic giveaway!
    ann dot guns at mac dot com

  187. Carla Says:

    My cat would love this! It would be great on my patio! I love that it’s portable too

  188. Sandra Says:

    Nice enclosure!

  189. Rebecca Says:

    This would be so great for my cats to get a bit of outdoor time! Especially Gandalf, he’s such a whiner when we’re out on the porch :P

  190. Suzy Says:

    I have 2 little kitties that would love to spend some time outside & this would be perfect!

  191. gg Says:

    I have to get one of these, thanks for the chance to win

  192. jmuhj Says:

    This is a wonderful opportunity for the cat whose person truly care about him or her but wants to give a chance at seeing the great outdoors SAFELY. (And of course, we think it’s very nice that people who may not have done so might check out, too — no ulterior motives there ;) )

  193. Sofie Says:

    I would definitely love to have this for when I move out of an apartment and into a house with a yard…

  194. pam decker Says:

    so portable so easy to take to new homes. move to another area of the yard or patio. can be brought in during winters, less likey to rot out, sounds like a good product to me.

  195. Tina Says:

    This is super all that is missing is a hammock and a tall cool drink. This would be super to take with you when you travel.

  196. Dems Says:

    Cool idea! Thanks for the opportunity to win!

  197. Phoenix Says:

    This would be such a gift for my semi-ferals who climb the walls (literally!) if they don’t get to go outside.

  198. Lindsey Says:

    Jasper would live this!!! I’m trying to get him used to the outdoors since he is an indoor cat. This wouldn’t fabulous for him since he would get the best of both worlds!

  199. Calla Says:

    love it!!

  200. Samantha Y. Says:

    Zucchini would love to get out of the apartment more!!

  201. Beth Says:

    I just read a NYT article about catios and am so excited to get one for Milo–my ‘outdoor’ cat in San Francisco!

  202. Jackie Says:

    My kitties Fishie and Bento would love to be outside in one of these. I’ve tried taking them out on supervised walks but they can’t really be trusted to run free…. they love it so much, though. This would be a great compromise.

  203. Pat Says:

    Terrific idea! My cat is an indoors cat, for his safety, but I hate depriving him of outdoor fun. This would give him back some of that!

  204. Dee Says:

    Great idea!

  205. Mary Hayes Says:

    Puuuurrrrrfect…for JoJo exploring the big outdoors!!

  206. ellen Says:

    I have a small cat rescue (very small out of pocket) at any given time, there are a half dozen cats here! Most love to watch what I am doing and will sit on the front porch if I am in the garden and ‘dream’ about joining me. This would be really nice to set up outside when I am out there and give the kitties some breeze.
    Thanks for the chance- I follow kritterkondo on twitter and get moderncats emails!

  207. Julie Barthels Says:

    WOW !!!! I have seen the Kritter Kondo on this site, & LOVE it !!! :D My 4 cats LOVE to go outside, but they also seem to lay on the road right outside of my house !!!! That is sooo scary !!!(Mostly, they sit by my door, & SNEAK out when someone walks in !!!) I could set this on my porch, or in the yard… they love exploring new things !! I would sit & watch their fun !!! (AND take pics !!!LOL !!!) :D

  208. kendy Says:

    Cool idea!

  209. Melissa Says:

    Wow what a neat idea. My kitties would love one!

  210. Susan Says:

    Lucky wants one!!! >^..^<

  211. Weborah Says:

    Perfect for my avid bird and bugwatching cats! This will also help save my window screens… :-/

  212. Janice Woodard Says:

    Love that this is portable as I have an apartment and cannot construct a permanent outdoor structure. My pretty kitties would love this so……

  213. Nancy E. Says:

    I take my cats out on a very long leash but this would be so perfect. I could sit out there and let them be without constantly walking after them. They love the outdoors but only sit on the swing with me for a little while. They want to be free just like kids.

  214. Laura O Says:

    Scout, always wants to be with me outside, she would love this!

  215. Elizabeth Says:

    I have been shopping for one of these and have never been satisfied with the options. My boys would love to try this, and it makes my heart smile to see them so happy and safe

  216. moneeka Says:

    this is perfect for tiggu. he’s indoor but wants to go outside sometimes. as soon as he’s under anything, he’s not scared at all.

  217. Sarah Says:

    Oh my goodness! I’ve got a domesticated feral cat that would love this. She yowls at the back door every night to be let outside. This would be absolutely amazing for her and for my ears.

  218. fufubelly Says:

    We have rescued feral cats who would LOVE a chance to get back outdoors! This would be perfect for them!

  219. Konst mroncz Says:

    What a great product for separating the big from the small, in case of trouble.

    I am sure our local cat rescue would love this as a present :-)


  220. Andrea Says:

    My cats would looove this!

  221. Michael Howard Says:

    WOW, my 4 cats would LOVE this. Hope I win and good luck to all that entered………>^..^<_____________~~

  222. Chad Says:

    My cats would like one

  223. Kate Says:

    This would be great so my cat Brand could be outside with me while i garden!

  224. Barbara Says:

    WOW! What a great product! My sweet Isadora loves to go out on the terrace but gets so annoyed with her harness and leash. She would absolutely love this and the shaded portion is perfect. So glad someone created this for relaxed and enjoyable outings!!!

  225. Christy Says:

    WE just LOVE THIS! I could take MY BABIES outside and they can SMELL and Watch & Listen to the BIRDS and I would feel so GOOD KNOWING MY BABIES are SAFE outside.

  226. Robb Says:

    We have several indoor cats who would love to be able to get outside safely. The Kritter Condo Deluxe would be ideal for us!

  227. Pamela D Says:

    Want to know more about these for sure. Would love to try this out.

  228. Brenda Says:

    All three of my cats would love to be outside and safe. This is perfect.

  229. Cinna Says:

    my cat would LOVE this…..

  230. bree Says:

    We live in NYC, so the kitties never get to leave our tiny tiny apartment for any real reason.

    It’d be great to let Ophelia and Schrodinger enjoy some outdoor fun!

  231. jackie Says:

    My adorable Miss Jazzie would love to sit on the patio with us & take in the awesome view of the river. She always looks longingly out the windows & doors at us when we are outside. What a wonderful safe way for kitty to join us!

  232. emi Says:

    I’d love to win this! :)

  233. Cori R. Says:

    This would make my kitties so happy! My orange-and-white cat, Mickey, would adore being able to be outside with me while I garden — and I would adore not having to worry about him and a leash. :)

  234. Jacqui Says:

    This is such a great item and I have a use for it you may not have thought of. We are in a hurricane prone area and this would be a great item to have in your evacuation tool kit. This would provide a safe enclosed space in a hotel or family memebers home if you have to take your pets to outside of their normal safe environment.

  235. Kim Says:

    Absolutely the best outdoor solution for an indoor cat!

  236. Hanna Says:

    What a wonderful idea!

  237. Kar Says:

    This product is great! Our city cats would LOVE it!

  238. Jennifer Says:

    This is a great idea! Our indoor cats would love something like this!

  239. Ann Says:

    this would be great for my cats–they get too excited when they see birds –this would protect them from falling off the balcony

  240. Victoria Says:

    What a beautiful design! I’m reluctant to let Sesame outside because of safety, but she loves the outdoors. This would be perfect!

  241. Susan B. Says:

    What a great idea; I’d love for my indoor kitty to be able to get some fresh air

  242. Melinda Koca Says:

    My four “girls” would love this! This is such a great idea and I would love to have one!

  243. ClaireC Says:

    I love the portable design, both for easy movability and storage!

  244. Teresa Ann Says:

    The cats would have a blast in one of those !

  245. Blake Says:

    this would be wonderful for the little deck at my condo ! My Ozzie would enjoy being able to get out side for a little while :)

  246. Diane Says:

    ohhh my….my four indoor cats would simply love the chance to get outside! This would be so great…I’d love to win one!

  247. Michele Says:

    My Siamese walks so nicely on a leash. Sometimes I want to be with her outside, but mama wants to sit and have a lemonade. This would be nice. Little Miss Sunshine likes being in the hammock with me, but sometimes gets restless. What a wonderful alternative to keep everybody happy. Good idea.

  248. Janet Kalmadge Says:

    This is truly a wonderful item. My 3 rescue pets would be over the moon about this. They would line up to get in it.

  249. Dave Says:

    cool I want it

  250. kellie Says:

    I have got to get one of these–my cats are planning a revolt if I don’t let them outside soon! :)

  251. jim Says:

    How cool is this?! All my cats want to go outside whenever I do and hang out in the yard. This lets them be out with me, but without my having to constantly keep an eye on them.

    Sunshine and fresh air are good for us and good for our pets. This lets them experience more of their natural element and will surely make for happier cats.

  252. Rachel Says:

    Yay! Maybe this way my indoor kitty would be able to relax and enjoy the fresh air instead of glaring at everything with suspicion and trying to dislodge her harness. :D

  253. Michelle Says:

    This would be great for my two indoor-only cats to visit their quasi-feral friend outside!

  254. Deb Says:

    My Maine Coon cats – indoor only – would love to have this! They really enjoy talking to critters through the windows and a safe way to be outside would be a real treat for them.

  255. Sally Says:

    My indoor kitties want to go out on the balcony with me. They would love this!!!! :)

  256. von Krankipantzen Says:

    What a great idea. This would be perfect for my apartment building’s roof garden. Pets are allowed to enjoy it but must be on leash or caged. This offers a lot of room for a kitty to enjoy. Thanks for the great give-away.

  257. NancyB Says:

    What a wonderful design!

  258. sue Says:

    When I lived in the country I let my 2 kitties out. Now, I live in a town and will not let my two kitty brothers out. This would be perfect for them when I am working outside. They could experience the fresh air and I could share the outdoors with them.
    Great looking product.

  259. Jennifer Says:

    This is such a fantastic idea! My cat would really love this, and my dog too.

  260. Dawn Says:

    My cat is an indoor cat but loves going outside, this would give me great piece of mind that she won’t run off, yet she would get to enjoy the outdoors

  261. Fiona Says:

    What a great idea! I especially like the fact that it is portable.

  262. Jean Says:

    What a wonderful kitty condo. I would certainly use one if I had it. I’ve taken 2 fosters into my basement apt., that I’d been building shelter, heating it, insulating it with foam, cedar chips and whatever other winter coverings could be had to shelter the father/daughter duo for more than 6 years. They are now accustomed to a warm bed inside, ready good food that won’t freeze up, or spoil. HOWEVER, the youngest one (6-1/2 still likes to go in the large backyard and roll or get her fresh air, and this would be idea to protect them from unwelcome visitors. What a perfect solution but not one that I can afford to buy so winning would be fantastic.

  263. Sniffie and the Florida Furkids Says:

    We would love a Catio. There are so many cool fev-vers and things to look at and we (and they) could be safe if we had one.

    Sniffie and the Florida Furkids

  264. beth Says:

    our kitties would love this…fun!

  265. Alisa Jane Says:

    My two darlings would love snoozing safely outside near the catnip in this!

  266. Gail Says:

    This is so awesome!!! My cats would love this, they always want to go outside. My rabbit would love it too.

  267. Lee Says:

    My cat, Molly, goes out with me on a harness and leash but she pulls the dead kitty act as soon as we hit the ground so I end up carrying her. I think something like this would be so much better for her because she could have more freedom to explore as she pleases.

  268. Jessica Says:

    I’d love this for Bear and Baxter!!!

  269. Anna Says:

    Icee would love this! Thanks for the chance!

  270. Stephanie Says:

    OMG! My 3 indoor cats: Eli, Lucy, & Tucker would love this! They always sit in the windows hoping to go outside.

  271. Laura T Says:

    Great idea!

  272. Debbie Says:

    Abby Jean would enjoy this.

    Thanks for the giveaway!

  273. Caroline Says:

    I live on the 12th floor, and would love to be able to let me cats spend time outside without worrying they will fall.

  274. jeny Says:

    I love it! We’re about to move into an apartment with a deck that would be perfect for a portable catio.

  275. Hana Says:

    I love win this awesome Kritter Kondo Deluxe!

  276. Jo Says:

    Oh my god – this would be awesome – the girls and I want one!!!!!

  277. Jessie Says:

    This is definitely something that is useful for my cat. She’s an indoor cat who loves sitting in front of an open window and taking in the nice smells of a summer breeze.

  278. Pattie Says:

    This is great looking and the collapsible aspect is a real plus!
    I have 2 rescued cats that have not been outside for 10 years. live in a This would be a safe and sane way to let them out into the world!

  279. PallasMelinda Says:

    That is so cute! It would be nice to have my cats enjoying the summer breezes in my backyard instead of cooped up in the house. They did not take to the leash idea at all.

  280. Melinda Says:

    What a wonderful idea for people who live in apartments

  281. Crystal Says:

    This would be so great!!!!! I hope I win!

  282. Dave Says:

    omigod, omigod, I want this!!!!

  283. Michelle Says:

    That is absolutely amazing. My cats would absolutely love it!

  284. Robin C Says:

    My cata and I had to move in with family and they are always stuck in a small room staring out the window because they used to be able to go outside. The Catio wouold allow them the pleasure of going outside again without any danger from the area we know live in. So… for my cats, please, please, please, please. and from my cats, meow, meow, meow please.

  285. Missy K Says:

    That is awesome.It would be nice for bunny rabbits too !


  286. catsrthebest Says:

    Wow the Kritter Kondo is great! I have a new kitten who would really enjoy being able to go outside when she’s a little older and it would be nice to know she’d be safe :)

  287. Anne Says:

    This is absolutely adorable and would fit perfectly on my front porch for my felions to lay around in.

  288. littleREDelf Says:

    my cat Odin is a very active Bengal who desperately wants outside! this would be a wonderful accommodation!

  289. PAW Says:

    It would be interesting to see how it compares to the standard green mesh types.

  290. LimePie Says:

    My sister fosters many cats and helps them get adopted into good homes. This beautiful Catio would be so ideal for her to allow some of them to be safely outside.

  291. Carol Crawford Says:

    My cats would love this! They long to go outdoors, but I live on a busy road & next to railroad tracks. Living in a condo community, I”m unable to build anything resembling a catio.

  292. Cats~Goats~Quotes Says:

    How nice! Everyfur here is an insider. Safer for the cats, safer for the birds and other little critters that are outside, too!
    A great giveaway, thanks for the opportunity to win one :)

  293. Traci Says:

    I would love to have this for my kitty, Button. We have always lived in apartments, so it would be nice for her to be able to spend time outside without a leash on! :)

  294. Kim Says:

    Cubbie would love venture into the great outdoors. However, she doesn’t care for her harness; she turns into a 15-lb. immobile lump when it’s on. A catio would be great! Thanks for the chance!

  295. Lynne Says:

    What a neat way to let kitty have some fresh air and sunshine! The critters here at Craig Street Cats can’t wait to try out a Kritter Condo!

  296. Michelle C Says:

    We have been looking to build Garfield something like this, but we just do not have the funds right now. He loves spending time outside, but since he is an indoor cat, he needs to be supervised….this would be fantastic and I know he would love it!! Fingers crossed for my kitty!!

  297. Jennifer Says:

    I have three indoor cats who would love to use this on our outside deck! I’ve been trying to find something lightweight for them to use! Thanks for the chance to enter the giveaway!! Great site, I posted it on my Facebook page for all my ‘cat friends’ and it was a big hit!

  298. Janis Says:

    My cats would LOVE this on our deck to enhance their bird watching!!!!

  299. Jennifer Simpson Says:

    I wonder if this would work nicely for travelling cats?

  300. Sharon K Says:

    My Izzy would absolutely go wild in this thing, she’s not been outside unless it’s to get in & out of the car when going to the vet.

  301. Liesal Says:

    My kitty would love this! She loves going outside, but I worry about her running away, so this would be perfect for both of us!

  302. Barbara Says:

    My two kitties sit on our enclosed patio just longing to go outside. The catico would be a perfect way for them to experience the outdoors.

  303. Ellice Says:

    My cat is a strictly indoor kitty–so she would absolutely love to get outside in one of these!

  304. EmilyB Says:

    Just adopted a new kitty – I’m sure she’d love it.

  305. Christine Says:

    My cat would love this. He’d be able to stay outside on the deck without being harnessed.

  306. Chelle M Says:

    Sweet! My girls would love this! Fabulous. Thanks.

  307. Allison Says:

    Aw, my cats would love something like this!! We’re moving from an apartment with a screened patio to an apartment with a regular balcony…on the 4th floor! It freaks me out to let them out on it when it’s that high from the ground. This would be PERFECT for them! :) Love it!

  308. Nancy Says:

    Both my girls LOVE to go outside, but they tend to wander occasionally even under my direct supervision, so this would be absolutely perfect for me!!

  309. Jen Says:

    My kitty Zee is likes to hover around the door. I’m always afraid she’ll slip outside! I know she would be would be a kitty cat happy pants if she were to receive a Kritter Kondo. It would be the safest way for her to realize her lifelong dream! :)

  310. Susan M. Says:

    What a nice prize. My cats could slumber in the cool shade of the afternoon.

  311. Mary Says:

    My kitties and I just moved to the country and they would love to go outside safely. They are plastered to the windows watching the birds and chipmunks, this would get them even closer!

  312. Jeanette Says:

    I am an architect and couldn’t have designed it better myself!

  313. Gaby Says:

    My indoor furry children will be soooo happy with something like this…!!! Thanks for the opportunity…

  314. Kirstyn Says:

    We live in a balcony-less apartment with a view of a parking lot, so there’s not a lot for my cat to look at – pretty boring. I’m sure he would enjoy being outside a lot more in a safe little house :) This is a pretty cool idea, but I’m not sure what other people would think!

  315. Nancy Z Says:

    This would be so much easier to pack and unpack than the heavy and bulky cage we’ve been using when we take our cats camping! They could use the condo to enjoy some safe outdoor time at home, too!

  316. Elsie Says:

    Oh, yeah, I could see this getting a LOT of use at my house-o’-cats!

  317. Theresa Says:

    This is very cool. I have four girls and one has never been outside (except to the vet) so this would be perfect for her to check out the sights, sounds, and smells of my little backyard.

  318. emily Says:

    this would be perfect for my 4 month old kitten…the mean streets of richmond virginia are no place for felines! not that i let him outside…mind you! :-)

  319. Madelynn Burns Says:

    Now that’s cool!!! My two boys would appreciate something like this – they want their fresh air but don’t like being held outside. Great portability on this unit too! All it needs is a doorman – really classy!

  320. jason Says:

    I was just thinking about something like this for our cat. She’s an indoor who really wants to spend more time outside!

  321. Taca Says:

    My Moe would love this, he only goes outside under strict supervision but loves just laying in the sun, this would be perfect.

  322. Vickie Prenatt Says:

    finally – lightweight – perfect to take outside. Thanks!

  323. Diane Gamble Says:

    Th!is would be great for travelling

  324. Lissa Says:

    I love the idea of a catio. Zelda loves going outside, but living in a condo I can’t make a full size catio and going out to the parking lot isn’t the best idea.

  325. victoria lester Says:

    This is so great! I have two little dogs that would love this. Great for taking with us – it looks like it expands and collapse easily. Luv it!

  326. Ursula Says:

    This is perfect for indoor cats and Sophie loves her fresh air and sunshine. Yes, we would ansolutely adore having one of these and get our daily dose of happiness.

  327. Jessica Says:

    My indoor cats Kitty Bo Bitty and Lola would love this. :) ~

  328. Kristina Suszek Says:

    I would love to win this as a gift for my mom! She has 3 cats that are just crazy to go outside, but she lives in an apartment with a patio and is afraid to let them out.

  329. Karin Says:

    I love this and so would my kitty!!! What a great idea.

  330. renee Says:

    this would be so cool for my kitties. they could get fresh air and be safe at the same time, what could be better? Hope we win!

  331. jmsjtb Says:

    Great portable idea. Perfect for when we are traveling!

  332. Clare Says:

    Poppy is an indoor cat, but would love to be outside in this!

  333. Jackie Says:

    My baby would love to go outside, but living in an apartment , it’s not possible. This would be an awesome way to let him “explore” the outdoors!

  334. Donna Poynor Says:

    I have always wanted a structure to keep my cats safe and occupied but have not been able to obtain one. I have four loved ones that would enjoy the wild outdoors that they see through their window. Thanks for offering this.

  335. johnny Says:

    oh wow ! how cool! please enter me also :)

  336. koolaidmeow Says:

    I love this! Hoping I can get one in the future for my two kitties.

  337. Sallycat Says:

    This would definitely come in handy for our indoor kitty. She just loves to watch the birds/animals outside and jumps at any bugs flying by our windows. We would love to give her the opportunity to enjoy the fresh outdoor air.

  338. Elizabeth Says:

    This looks wonderful. Nice and big for my 2 cats. I’ve been looking for something portable like this.

  339. Grace Says:

    I’m sure my indoor cat would get a big kick out of this! I could even put it on my balcony, so she could sit out there with me without me constantly worrying about her jumping through the bars.

  340. Simone Says:

    Wow – my 4 indoor boys would love to get some fresh air in this.

  341. Machellq Says:

    This is sooo cool! My cats would just love it! It would be perfect for our patio so they can be outdoors with us!

  342. Suzanne Says:

    My city kitties need some time outside in this!

  343. Dave Says:

    They’d love this thing! Only problem is we may not be able to get them out of it and back inside. ;-)

  344. Adina K. Says:

    My cats would absolutely love this!

  345. ellen miller Says:

    This would be so great for my Rosie! She desperately wants to see the world and now, finally, a safe way for her to do it!

  346. Claire Says:

    Awesome idea and design! My two cats would love the opportunity to go past the screen door and into the outside world as we live in a city and cant let them out.

  347. Mayuko & Bruce Says:

    Holy moly, amazing! I have a large dog cage that i use right now on my porch but this is better! :)

  348. Sara A. Says:

    Oh wow! What a fabulous product and design! My kitty would love this! I live in a condo so I don’t have a safe area to let my Misha roam free, like a backyard. This would be perfect for my patio. I’ve always felt bad that I’ve had to keep her inside all the time, but I don’t want her getting hurt. :-)

  349. Debra B Says:

    This is wonderful, not only my cats would love it but it would be great for my mini Doxie too. No more leases for when they want to sit outside.

  350. Laureen Says:

    My cats, Luna and Spooky, would really enjoy this on my high rise balcony. They can only look longingly out the window to the outside. I’ve been looking for the right catio for a while and this looks perfect!

  351. Laura R Says:

    Fantastic! I’ve been eyeing one of these since I live in a rented house and cannot transform our lovely patio to a catio. My cat, Gravity, loves to try to sneak outside but I don’t often let her because it’s not secure and she is liable to run away! This would be a perfect solution for us!

  352. sean Says:

    this would make a great segway to a fully finished catio.

  353. Dee Says:

    This is so cool! My cats would love it!

  354. Thomas Says:

    Great idea for the cats to be outside.

  355. Bethany Says:

    My cat always wants to go outside, but I won’t let him because I just can’t trust him not to get nervous and sprint off to who-knows-where. This would be a perfect compromise for both of us! :D

  356. Daniel S Says:

    my cat would love this. he loves hanging out in boxes and baskets.

  357. Pat Says:

    I have a homemade enclosure, bulky + certainly not very portable. The 2 cats, I have now don’t get along + can only be used one at a time. A chance to win this dear item is wonderful for this household !

  358. Rachel G Says:

    This is so cool and a perfect addition for my kitties. Would love to win this!

  359. Shadie Kaye's Mom Says:

    OH this a sooo kewl contest … Meowmie would love one of these for us furbabies. Catio Showcase is her favorite place to go and dream of winning Lotto >^..^<
    All us fur kids

  360. Ellen Shirley Says:

    I have 2 cats that stay inside and this is a WONDERFUL way that I could give them a little outdoor time!!

  361. karen Says:

    My fur kids would love this! I love that I could use it while sitting outside with them knowing they are safe.

  362. Norma H Says:

    My cat is already an indoor/outdoor cat so she probably wouldn’t appreciate being “caged”, but my mother-in-law’s cat would love to go outside on the balcony and this would be perfect.

  363. Stephanie Says:

    My girls would LOVE to go outside & this is their only hope. ;)

  364. Iris Says:

    This is great!!!! Mr Whiskers could go onto the deck and we wouldnt have to worry about his jumping the fence. He can be as safe outside as in the house.

  365. Sheri Says:

    Wonderful idea!

  366. Carina Says:

    This is a fantastic idea! My cat would love to be able to go outdoors safely!

  367. Donna & Morgan Says:

    These are wonderful! This would be so much fun for Morgan and his family to get outside time. They could actually go out together, and down on the grass.

    Morgan says “Meows would love to win this! It get 5 paws up from me”.

  368. Denise Says:

    My kitties found me in the yard, they miss being outside, but we live to close to the road.This would be great!

  369. Kim Says:

    I have 3 Bengal cats, they are always trying to get out of the house. I put them on leashes however it’s really hard to control all 3 of them if I am alone. One of these would be great for our family.

  370. Barb Says:

    this is a great way for cats to have some safe outdoor time. but i immediately thought of last year’s horrible wildfire, that almost forced me to evacuate with my 3 cats! whether i was going to stay with a friend who has dogs, or a hotel, i was worried about them running out the door as soon as i had to open one. or someone else (the hotel maid) opening the room door and then my cats, scared, getting lost. (fyi, hotels in the area are very helpful to pet owners who have to evacuate.)

    this is a light weight/packable cat condo, that i could pack into my emergency kit for earthquakes and wildfires.

  371. Robin Says:

    The babies would LUV to go outside to see the birdies. They are spoiled in every way except they are banished indoors….

  372. Sheila Says:

    This product is a winner itself! Thanks for the give away opportunity!

  373. Liz Cranage Says:

    I totally love it and so would my cats

  374. Kathleen Says:

    Oh! Exactly what I’m looking for to let Oliver outside without worrying about him! He wanders off if I don’t watch him, but I’d love for him to sit with me while I read on the back porch!

  375. Carol Says:

    What a nice idea! My indoor cats would love it–something new to sniff and explore. I’ll be sure to let my urban cat-loving friends to know about it, too.

  376. Marie Says:

    Excellent! My two cats are always trying to sneak outside, and I don’t blame them, but living up in the mountains, it’s hazardous for kitties… They’d be so stoked to win!

  377. Jason Franklin Says:

    awesome for our critters

  378. Gina Says:

    We live in the country and enclosed our porch with deer fencing to make our outside kitty, Dusty, safe from mtn lions, bobcats, etc. My hubby is allergic so cannot have him inside. I think this Kritter Kondo would be ideal as a ‘transitional safe place’ for when we get another kitty or maybe a small doggy.

  379. Barry Rice Says:

    OMG, I love the whole idea of these! My 3 cats love to go outside every now and then but if I don’t watch them, they’ll slip through the fence and go adventuring through the neighborhood. I would love to have one of these!!!!

  380. Jen Says:

    Great idea!

  381. Daisy Says:

    That condo is such a good idea. My cat’s an indoor cat, but he’s always yearning to go outside. This is perfect for his exploratory nature!

  382. Diane Tyler Says:

    What a great way to let the little ones get some fresh air! Wish we had a few of these…one to start would be great!

  383. Heather Says:

    My three bengals would be so thrilled to have one of these – they sit in the window all day watching bugs and birds outside so this would be a huge hit! :)

  384. Amy Says:

    My oldest cat used to love to lie on the deck in the sun, but he’s blind now, and I can’t risk letting him go out. This would be the perfect solution for him and for me.

  385. Bethany Says:

    I would love to win this for my shelter. On moderate weather days it’d be great to bring a cat or two out to adoption events in one of these to help them find their new homes. If I don’t win one, I’ll have to start saving up for it.

  386. Connie Says:

    My kitties would be so excited to have one of these!

  387. Polly Says:

    I would so love this. Trouper gets a walk in the evening on a leash, but cries all day to go outside. He would be one happy kitty in is Kitty Condo.

  388. Emily Says:

    This would be great for when we move!

  389. alyce poalillo Says:

    This is awesome. My 9 cats would fight over it for sure.!

  390. Jennifer Jones Says:

    Gracie kitty would LOVE this! Thanks!

  391. Daiane Says:

    Phoebe would love to have one of those and to be able to get some fresh air, hear the little birds… =0)

  392. Zsuzsa Says:

    This is so cool! My cats would love this :)

  393. Kim beers Says:

    My two indoor kitties would love this!!! I’ve wanted to let them outside but live in the woods and its not safe. Thanks so much :) Kim

  394. cara Says:

    YES!!! trained my cat, pinky, to stay on balcony without jumping off. unable to teach the three kitties i have now to “stay put,” so this kondo would “do the trick.” Thanks!!!

  395. Jackie M Says:

    a wonderful idea, my cat would love it…she needs a bit of reassurance with the noises outside, and this would provide safety and just that bit of comfort, so she can explore safely.

  396. Serafina Says:

    This looks great! Maybe I could let my cats nap out on the balcony with me when I read in the sun.

  397. Breanne Says:

    What an amazing idea! I would love to give my kitty a catio, but I live in an apartment, so this would be ideal! ^.^

  398. Tracy brewer Says:

    My cats need this so they can go Outside.

  399. Bryan Says:

    looks like fun

  400. Jean Kayat Says:

    I love this idea. I have 2 1-year old Bengals that love to go outside. They are fascinated with butterflies and birds. I’d feel better bringing them outside with me while I am gardening and putting them in the Kritter Kondo than putting them on a harness/leash.

  401. Maureen Says:

    Indoro kitties could certainly use some direct sunshine once in a while and this kondo would be perfect for mine!

  402. ROSE LEFEBVRE Says:

    Kala would love this. Please pick my playful rotound pussycat!

  403. Ginny Says:

    My cat always goes on vacation with me, so this would REALLY come in handy.

  404. Jen Says:

    This is awesome! Perfect for our deck!

  405. Deb Says:

    PLEAS PLEASE PICK ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  406. Lara Figueroa Says:

    I LOVE THIS!!! My cats are always cooped up in my apartment, which seems just fine for them most of the time, but I’d LOVE spend time with them outdoors in the courtyard of the building! I rescued both of my kitties (next to me now, one of which is trying to steal my laptop) from other Philadelphia neighborhoods I’ve lived in and though one is still mortified of the outdoors, the other is curious and always tries to zip out the door. I hope win this for my two babies!!!

  407. Maggie Says:

    My cat Scottie loves the idea of “outside” and seems to believe that it is always spring. But he is an indoor cat and can only dream. He is about 15 years old now and it would be wonderful if he could spend the perfect days of his golden years enjoying the catio.



  408. LDB Says:

    Ahhh, for a breath of fresh air!!!

  409. Nina Says:

    Indoor kitty Ronin could come out in the garden to keep me company as I weed – and get a break from his cat siblings. Thoughtfully made product!

  410. Adeline Says:

    My Cosmo and Chloe would love being outdoors in one of these cute condos!

  411. sherry Says:

    Awesome- I would love this for my daughter’s cat who loves to hang out on the balcony in her apartment. She lives on the Bay in Miami- Ruby (the curious cat) doesn’t swim!

  412. Jenny Says:

    My mom lives in an area where it’s not safe to let cats outside and I would love to give this to her and her two cats.

  413. Amber Says:

    Please enter me in your drawing! My three girls would love to check out this kondo!

  414. Colleen Mckenna Says:

    What a great idea. I have a special needs kitty that would love to go outside without being held in my arms. He would love to be like a normal kitty.

  415. hj Says:

    My kitties would love this, though they might start pestering me to go outside ALL the time!

  416. Anne Divine Says:

    My cat sneaks out the dog door…this would be a good way to let her have outside time and stay safe. Thanks to Moderncat for having these give-a-ways.

  417. Catsmom Gail Says:

    My kittyboys would love this. It would allow them to get even closer to the birds they love to watch.

  418. Char Says:

    Major would love to be on my rental apt porch in this soft sided catio and I’d love for her to safely join me.

  419. shirley Says:

    my kitties would love to venture outside in a safe enclosure,

  420. Crow Says:

    Wow, at least 2 of my 3 cats would love this–Xan especially totally doesn’t understand why we won’t let him out in the room with all the grass and lizards.

  421. Sarah Says:

    Cool!! My kitties would love some outdoor time!

  422. Woodgie's Gramma Says:

    Woodgie would love this to be able to go outside annd sit without getting into trouble!

  423. Caitlin Says:

    What an amazing portable enclosure! I know it’s better for my cat to stay indoors, but he’d love to experience the outside — and the Kitty Condo would help my peace of mind!

  424. Rani Says:

    great idea…better than having to spend 100′s on window cages just so you indoor cat can have taste of outside….

  425. Lisa * Starr Says:

    My sister just rescued 3 beautiful kittens and this would be great for her patio…..not screened in and strict condo laws….so portable fold up would work great for Samantha “Mantha, Chloe and Zoe….also know as the triplets!!

  426. Allison Says:

    I agree, this would fit perfectly on our balcony.

  427. Mary Ann Says:

    This is so great for that indoor cat that is dying to get outdoors. My kitty can go into an enclosed garden that I have but I’d like her to be able to go on the patio with me. She hates to be left alone in the house!! She would be so happy to have one of these!

  428. Tina B. Says:

    I would love to win this for my four cats, especially Olivia, who
    really wants to go outside but I just can’t let her because of the
    dangers of cars, dogs, other predators, etc..

  429. Erin Says:

    We just moved and it’ll be a while before we can make our own catio – this would be a great interim solution!

  430. Lana Vitsup Says:

    Catios are SO hot right now! My indoor cat would love to have one!

  431. Fluffy and Muffin Says:

    Hi we would love to win this so we can go outside and watch the birdies:):)

  432. Teresa Says:

    I live overlooking the water in Alaska. I’m always worried that one of the eagles that hang around the shore are going to take an interest in one of my cats out on the deck when I step inside!

  433. Sherry Says:

    My bengal boy would love to get his toes in the grass within this kitty kondo.. Fabulous idea, especially for traveling this summer.

  434. Tisa Says:

    That is so awesome! What a great and safe way to let the critters out to enjoy the day. Thanks for the chance to win one :)

  435. Diane Says:

    My 2kitties would love this!

  436. tammy Says:

    Wow been looking for this for a while. I bought something similiar several years ago for my mother-in-law and she misplaced it. I have a couple of kitties that love the outdoors but it is too dangerous for them to be out there. This would be great for them to get a little sun while I am working in the yard.

  437. Zanne Says:

    What a wonderful product! My indoor cat is always at the window looking outside. What a treat it would be to put him in the backyard in the safety of the Kritter Kondo! Fun for him and no fear for me.

  438. Kathleen Says:

    I love this! What a great idea.

  439. Katherine Says:

    I just moved into a new condo this week, with a tiny patio, and this would be perfect for Nicky and Lawson to have some outdoor time in! I wish I could afford to buy one, but maybe I will get lucky and win one! :)

  440. Stephanie Says:

    This looks great and better than the metal crates we’ve been looking at. Our older cat is desperate to go out but it’s impossible in the city (the rats are bigger than he is!). This would be great for him and fit on our 2nd floor apartment’s back porch.

  441. Deva Says:

    great idea

  442. Maya Says:

    I need this!

  443. sms Says:

    I’d love to win this.

  444. Meg Ree Says:

    Wow! this looks fantastic!

  445. erica Says:

    This is wonderful, it would let my kitties soak in the sun while keeping birds and squirrels safe away.

  446. Theresa Spaid Says:

    My cats are indoor cats and one keeps trying to get out. They would just love some fresh outdoor air with the Kritter Kondo!!!!!

  447. Salvatore Vitale Says:

    We have different kinds of cats (bengals, highlanders, chausies, domestics, etc.) and a few of them enjoy the outside. Some are harness trained, but this would be a perfect opportunity to get the ones who dont understand “walking” a chance to do what they love, checking out the birds and bugs up close and personal.

  448. miss leya Says:

    Wow. This looks great. At least 2 of our 3 indoor cats would love sitting in this… especially since we just bought a house and have a lot more bunnies, lizards, birds for the cats to watch!!

  449. debw Says:

    you could use this in the back of your car for travel too…

  450. Sara(m) Says:

    Just put our cats in a regular tent outside today! This would be much nicer. :)

  451. LMZinda Says:

    Oh my goodness! I live in an area that does not allow pets to roam outside. This is perfect!

  452. Ruth Says:

    WoW! We have Bengals and they love to be outside but they are definitely inside cats. We take no chances. We have been using a child’s tent. They like the tent because they can get outside when I am out doing yard work – butt this is so much cooler and a lot more open so they can see and enjoy more – yet be safe.

  453. Shaiha Says:

    Oh this would be so perfect! I have an indoor kitty that has learned to open windows so he can go outside. I figure that if he wants out so badly then I need to figure out a way for him to do it safely.

  454. Kimmy Says:

    Ooooohhhhhhh, my indoor babies would love to go outside and safely watch the birdies from this Kritter Condo!!

  455. sheila Odom Says:

    Oh I would love to win this for my 2 kitties so they could go outside, an still be safe !!!

  456. Rachel Says:

    My indoor kitties would love this.

  457. Caroline Says:

    I bet my kitties would love this, but I’d have to keep a close eye on a couple of them or they might try to eat it! LOL

  458. Loida Says:

    My babies would love this. Its absolutely perfect. Like that they cant escape under the fence or over.

  459. Mary Says:

    What a terrrific idea! My cats would adore having one of these.

  460. taraliz Says:

    oregon summer are the most beautiful summers of all. but my sweet lil babies cant go outside. i live in a busy downtown neighborhood. i feel SO guilty that they cant enjoy the wonderful 4 months of sunshine our fair city gets. this would be such a treat! if i dont win, i’ll be purchasing this. lisa illman is clearly some kinda genius lol

  461. flutter Says:

    This is such a neat concept!

  462. Aya Says:

    Great idea to let them enjoy outside, yet to be safe. This is the heaven for all the indoor cats!!

  463. snow Says:

    I would love to win this for our Fundraising group and then use the Kritter Condo as a prize with the money raised going to help No Kill Animal Shelters. It would be a bit hit.

  464. Lisa Says:

    My cat would just adore this.

  465. Linda Kish Says:

    This would be perfect for our littler Persians. Thanks for the chance.

    lkish77123 at gmail dot com

  466. Cameron Says:

    Perfect for my bird watching kitties!!!!

  467. Jo D. Says:

    I would be so proud to win this kritter condo for my two precious indoor cats.It looks like the perfect solution for them to safely join me on my deck

  468. Jennifer Says:

    Great idea for indoor kitties wanting to get some fresh air. Protects both the wildlife and my precious kitties. Highly recommended!

  469. Angelica Ortega Says:

    This would be great for my kitty. He loves to go outside but I’m so afraid that he will get loose and he’s get lost. This is a great concept for cats and dogs to enjoy the outside wonders and be safe too.!!!

  470. Cheryl J Says:

    My cats would really enjoy this- fresh air would be good for them.

  471. B. Marie Says:

    Kitteh: “Want, want, want, want, want, (nom, nom nom), want, want, want want!!”

  472. christina Says:

    My kitties would adore this!

  473. Marion Says:

    My babies would love this! One of them is yowling at the door right now because he got out this afternoon!

  474. flicka47 Says:

    Wow, cool prize!! My cats & a lot of others would be pleased to win!

  475. anissa Says:

    How fantastic! My cats (including a newly rescued kitten!) would love it!


    Five years after her rescue, my black girl Kitty Samba, a traumatised victim of animal cruelty, won’t go outside because of her terror. The Kritter Kondo would permit this beautiful creature some sun and fresh air time while feeling safe inside her own personal haven. =^..^=

  477. gina Says:

    omy! i really want this! i want to let my kittens go outside, but without worrying that they’ll dart away when startled.

  478. Merrill Says:

    Fabulous idea it would let my cat sleep outside in our complexin safety.

  479. Denise Says:

    My cat would love this! He is an indoor kitty but loves to experience the outdoors in a contained way.

  480. Nancy S. Says:

    My cat, Sterling, is an inside cat and I know she would love the opportunity to go outside with this.

  481. Jennifer burns Says:

    Pearl would die to sit outside!!!

  482. Jenna Says:

    How cool! My big boy loves watching the birds — this would be perfect at home and when visiting family.

  483. mannequin Says:

    SO so cool! I don’t know or can’t imagine an indoor cat that wouldn’t flip over this. What a very nice product you’ve got here! We’ve got six and were just saying today how nice it would be if they could sit outside and “feel” the outdoors instead of just looking at it through the window.

  484. Alexandrea M Says:

    That looks so much more comfortable than the metal cage with the plastic tray bottom they have to sit on (unless they want to sit on the wire bottom instead) That’s a great product!!

  485. Melissa Says:

    How neat is this. My elderly cat would love to be outdoors again, but she is a little too frail. She would love this, and I would love the security of knowing she won’t wander.

  486. Lori Says:

    Oh, boy!! That’s SO cool!

  487. kajivar Says:

    My Galahad and Nimue look so longingly out the window, but they are indoor only cats. Something like this would be great for giving them a little taste of outdoors!

  488. eliza Says:

    I have been looking for one of these for a while now! my cat would love love love this!

  489. Lisa Says:

    This would be great for my new cat, Chewy!! He’s not really loving walks on his harness and leash, and it would be great to let him enjoy the backyard unencumbered!!

  490. Fran Says:

    What a great way to have my kittens outside with me.

  491. the city kitty Says:

    El Cid loves to go out for walks, but he wishes he didn’t need me along. (I cramp his style with the ladies) A Kritter Kondo would allow him to hang out…outside….without Mom!

  492. bethie Says:

    My cats would beg to be in this all summer long in my backyard! This is the best one of these kitty play house I’ve ever seen!

  493. Tracy Says:

    What a wonderful way for my two cats to safely experience the outdoors!

  494. Art Says:

    My pussycats could go outside safely this way. What a great idea and it looks like very good quality.

  495. Janie Says:

    We would LOVE one of these! We live in an apartment and Birdie isn’t aloud on the balcony anymore (she fell off 2 yrs ago), so this would be great way to let her still enjoy the great outdoors!

  496. Susanne Says:

    Love it!!!!

  497. Kay Says:

    This is a fab idea for indoor cats who long to be outside. I know my cat would like it.

  498. Valerie M Says:

    Oh, I would love this for my kitties! I won’t let them outside for fear of their safety and this would be a great way to let them enjoy the great outdoors and give me peace of mind!

  499. Martha Says:

    This is awesome and amazing! Mark Twain and Suzie Q are super excited to get one! A great idea!

  500. Karen Says:

    My two rescue kittens would xo this. Love how portable it looks.

  501. Danielle Says:

    Wow! This is awesome! Lola, Pouncer and Mr. Bojangles will love lounging is this in the backyard!


  502. Candace Flemmer Says:

    Now that we have a balcony – would be great for our kitty to enjoy the outdoors! :) Thanks for offering the giveaway!
    Good luck to everyone!

  503. Ginny Says:

    I foster cats and kitties. This would be so refreshing for the all those waiting for a forever home!

  504. Pamela Says:

    My cats love to go outside, but I don’t like them to wander around. I would put the enclosure under the tree outside so that they could experience the outside and I won’t have to worry.

  505. Richard Says:

    Good Idea! Cats get to go outside with minimal risk!

  506. Laura Says:

    This is so awesome!! ^_^ My cat Dorothy would loooooove this. She pines for sitting in the open (screened) windows and can only really do so in the fall here. This would be so great for her to sit on our small porch! I’d definitely like to enter the drawing.

  507. Melissa Says:

    My gato Paisley loves to sit in the windows, she would love this product!

  508. michelle bergeron Says:

    My kitties would love this! I never let them to outside now. But I would if I had this!

  509. Kristy Says:

    Fantastic idea!

  510. ken wagner Says:

    This would be perfect… If I don’t win one I think I’ll build my own

  511. Terri L. Says:

    i’ve been ill and staying with my parents for several months where my mom helps me. My dad is allergic to cats so my “Bug” is forced to stay in the room where i sleep. This would be a wonderful way for her to break out and enjoy some fresh air with me on the patio each day.

  512. Tara Says:

    This is sooo cool! Boots would love this thing. Thank you for the chance at the giveaway.

  513. Connie Says:

    Every time I go out onto the deck, Puccini sits at the door and cries to come out with me. But the deck is too high off the ground to be safe for him, with or without a leash. This Condo would be purrfect for “Pooch” to be safely outside with mom.

  514. Ken Says:

    My two cats would love this – especially since the weather is so awesome in Oregon right now. Unfortunately, the neighborhood has too many bad drivers so it’s not safe. The Kritter Kondo would be perfect!

  515. Sherry Says:

    What a great idea! Perfect for my kitties on the patio! I know they would love this!

  516. Tom Says:

    Awesome!! The cats would appreciate being able to go outdoors in this!

  517. Nicki Says:

    How cute! My boys certainly would enjoy this!

  518. Geri Says:

    Yep – the girls would like to be outdoors, & be safe!

  519. Jen Says:

    I would love to win this for my mom’s cats!!

  520. Cindy Says:

    Alex & Crystal would enjoy the outdoors with this Kondo!!

  521. Kathie Says:

    Wow – what a great idea!! We like!!

  522. Donna Says:

    This would be so purfect for my indoor kitties. I would love to win this!!!

  523. Carla Says:

    Great idea! My two boys would love to join us on the balcony in this.

  524. Michelle Says:

    Wow a great idea for my poor indoor kitty who can’t sit still on the patio while I work outside. Looks like there is plenty room. Also could be taken camping!

  525. ana Says:

    what a great idea !! my little roommates would love it :)

  526. SUSAN Says:


  527. Julia Says:

    My indoor cat would absolutely love this.

  528. miryam Says:

    my new cat would love this. Then she could go outside too!! (I hope eventually she and my older cat would be able to share as they adjust better to each other, but if not then he could have his tent and she could have her kritter condo!

  529. Erin Says:

    My cats would LOVE this!!!

  530. Allison Says:

    Aww! That’d be so much fun for my cats!

  531. Kathy Says:

    My kitty was an indoor/outdoor cat in a former life, and she has never really gotten the great outdoors out of her system. She would love this.

  532. frank Says:

    My cats would love this!

  533. Cathy Says:

    MEOWSERS! Now my lil’ one can enjoy the outdoors with me!

  534. Michelle Says:

    Well this certainly would allow Jasper to go outside more often. I also think it would make me feel a lot less guilty for keeping him cooped up inside all of the time. It’s definitely a better idea than a leash.

  535. Dana Says:

    I found this site while searching for design ideas and how-to tips on building an outdoor space for my two cats, Gizmo and Lucy. They are not allowed outside but think the sun room belongs to them. I’d love to let them out safely!

  536. Jessica Says:

    I love these things. Been thinking about buying one for ages. Little too costly with 10 cats to fit into it. lol

  537. Cheryl Says:

    Looks like something my kitties would enjoy.
    good luck to all!

  538. Michelle Says:

    Very nice! A note of caution, though, for those who live in the country or suburbs: don’t ever leave kitty outside unsupervised for more than a very few minutes, even in one of these lovely shelters; raccoons worked their way into a similar shelter which my sister and her husband had built using pipes and chicken wire, and killed their cat, whom they apparently saw as a territorial threat.

  539. Lindsey Says:

    My cat would love this!

  540. Shannon Says:

    Lovin’ this for indoor kitties to be safe outside!

  541. Courtney Witty Says:

    Jinxie & Nemo would make good use of this. They have to share my small Seattle apartment, so this would help beat the boredom.

  542. Kim Says:

    My Kitty would love this! XD

  543. Chrissy Says:

    What a great idea! My kitty would LOVE this!

  544. Anne Says:

    OMG that is purrfect! I have two indoor cats but can only take them out one at time on a lead. This would be sooo great they could both go out together!

  545. Eric Says:

    Very cool! Our cats would love this!

  546. Meg Says:

    Mayya & Threegood’s dreams come true! Fresh air out on the wee balcony! Urban heaven!

  547. Brett Says:

    This would be so great for our cats. On another note, I’m wondering about the results of the Pekingese vs. Feline cagematch you have set up in the photos. My moneys on the cat.

  548. Lynda Says:

    My cats would love this.

  549. Denah Says:

    What a lovely concept – and portable, too! :)

  550. Jessica Says:

    You have a plan and I love it!

  551. Robin Says:

    My two indoor cats would love this! They do get patio time occasionally but I worry they’ll jump over the fence. This would let them stay out as long as they want!

  552. Ji Lee Says:

    Maybe I could finally take my cats to the park!

  553. Nanni Says:

    This is great and it is also a great thing to have for emergencies!!.
    Living in Los Angeles, this is great item to have in your earthquake kit!!!
    So wherever you end up with your kitties, you can always provide them with a save space , big enough to add a litter box and food!!!!

  554. Julia Says:

    How cool! My cats love being outside, but do not care for their leashes and harnesses.

  555. teddybear Says:

    this condo is the “it” place to be for the “it” kitties. sure hope i’m an “it” kitty.

  556. Sheila Gross Says:

    Hi! I”d love to win this so that my cats could have an occasional outdoor foray.

    the only one who qwouldn’t like to true it is Madame Snowball, who lived as a stray for a couple fo years. I brought her and her litter indoors 9 summers ago, and she’s *never* made a break for the Great Outdoors.

  557. Christina Says:

    Wonderfully practical, and ideal for a patio or small yard.

  558. WinnieTPooh Says:

    Purrrfect for a skyscraper kitty!

  559. Tyra Says:

    It would be awesome to let my indoor kitty get some fresh air!!

  560. Renee U. Says:

    This is way tooooooo cool…Luv it & so would my babies.

  561. Renee Barlow Says:

    We have 4 cats but only enough outdoor enclosure for 2 which is hardly ever used because it’s very bulky. This one would let us give the other 2 some time in the sun. Oh and they can be on the grass instead of up in the air!

  562. Bonnie Says:

    This is similar to another outdoor cat containment system I am looking at where there are many individual sections that can be linked together, parts that are more costly than this. It is constructed far differently in terms of material used posing a couple of questions for me. 1) Our female cat has the tendency to get her claws stuck in my grandson’s tunnel/tent playtent which is constructed of closer woven mesh fabric. 2) Both my male and female kitties have a tendency to escape from confinement if the exit is not securely locked in some way. 3) Because this appears to be constructed of more flexible material than the more expensive catwalk system available would it ensure both of my cats would be safe from other neighborhood cats who run free. This otherwise sounds like a great idea for my kitties with minimal risk to outdoor dangers,

  563. Tanya R Says:

    I have always dreamt of the day I’d own my own house and could build my own custom catio but alas that’s years away if ever from this tiny apartment. This portable one is purrfect for apartment life!
    The building I live at has a fantastic lawn area where I could set something like this up and get some sun and fresh air with the kitties.

    I’d also like to recommend to anyone using something like this, make sure your cats are up to date on their vaccinations. Sometimes people skip certain ones having indoor only cats and think nothing could reach them in a catio (anymore than a open screened window) but you are taking them into the outdoors, onto outdoor surfaces and may just come into contact with something not thought of.

  564. Katie Holmes Says:

    So cool… I want one!

  565. katklaw777 Says:

    Riki, Sassy and Annie would get a kick out of this…Purrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrfect giveaway, thanks.

  566. Sandra Says:

    Consider my comment LEFT! :)

  567. Shine Says:

    Brilliant idea! My Tampopo is indoors only (especially as we have coyotes around) but I can totally see myself reading or gardening in the yard whilst Miss Po played or napped in her Kritter Kondo! Will be glad to pass on links of this great invention (and contest) to my fellow cat loving/owning friends. Thanks!

  568. Laura Says:

    My kitties would love this!

  569. Parker Says:

    We’d love to win this!

  570. Suzanne Says:

    What a joy this is for cats who crave the outdoors! So much nicer than only sitting & looking out is being out but in a safe, protected environment. Vanya & Valentine, our Siberian/Maine Coons would love it!

  571. Leah Says:

    I just got done walking my kitties in my backyard, I would love to have this so they can stay outside with me while I read!

  572. SAS Says:

    This looks great!

  573. David Says:

    My cat would love this.

  574. Linsey Says:

    Nice, a must have for my crazy cat that like to venture off…

  575. Erin Says:

    I’d love to use it to help integrate a very timid cats into the household; right now she’s cooped up in one room, in addition to using it to make the balcony vegetable garden a safe place for the cats to relax.

  576. Joan K Says:

    what a beautiful condo says Alice, and Harry would like to give it a try. He hasn’t seen the outdoors yet, and this would be a perfect fit! meow :)

  577. Carla Says:

    Wow! Any kitty would love this, especially my Cairo who always looks at Cleo my dogie with envy every time we go outside for walks or anything. I know Cairo would love hanging out in his new Kritter Kondo finally making Cleo jealous.

  578. TaraUB Says:

    Since my cats are all rescues and spent some time outside and now continually try to escape, even after being indoors for 9 years, this would be perfect to give them a little “recess”.

  579. Marianne Says:

    what a great way for indoor kitties enjoy the outdoors for a bit….thanks

  580. Teresa Says:

    This would be terrific for kittens. Lots of fresh air and sunshine. Good for the soul.

  581. Karen Says:

    My boy Tech is an indoor kitty because he has feline leukemia. He’s doing very well despite this (8 years and counting) but he wants to go outside SO badly! I can’t let him out because he jumps the fence in a split second. This would allow him to go outside without the fear of him getting away.

  582. Lee Says:

    Wow, with almost 500 comments, it’s a shot in the dark to win, but yes my indoor girl would love to be outside with this awesome condo!

  583. Allison Says:

    My 2 indoor only rescue kitties would totally love this. They could spend time out on the patio with me enjoying the fresh air.

  584. Lisbeth Says:

    This is AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Our sacred birman cats are really dependend on us and want to be where we are, but every time we go on a weekend trip to see the inlaws, or elsewhere, we have to leave our little darlings at home, and have a neighbor take care of them, but this is the solution!!!! This way we would be able to bring them with us whereever we go!!! Wonderful idea!!! :o )))

  585. Linda Says:

    this is super cool! it would be a perfect way to let my kitties out without worrying about them.

  586. Claire Davis Says:

    What a fantastic idea!! My indoors boys would no doubt love this safe and healthy extension to their lives. Also provide sanity to Mom on knowing they are secure during these “outings.” Maybe it would even encourage me to join them near by with a cool drink & good book. They have fun and I become fully rested…. no house work done which sounds even better. Of course they’ll enjoy so much I hope instructions come, too, on how to get my boys to come back inside !!

  587. jacqueline munera Says:

    Really neat product!

  588. Felice Says:

    Perfect for my cat who longs to go outside. Love that it is collapsible.

  589. Kim K. Says:

    What an awesome way for our indoor cats to enjoy the sunshine and munch some fresh grass, while not being able to roam the neighborhood. Great condo.

  590. Yana Says:

    OMG!!! my little peanut would LOVE this… then she wouldn’t try to escape from her leash all the time lol

  591. Nina Says:

    Ohh, to be able to freely watch all those little birds and stalk the cars that pass by… my kitties’ dream come true!

  592. Bernice Says:

    This could be wonderful – Penny & Hurley always look longingly at us when we’re on our deck so if they had one of these they could come outside with us. I just know we’d ALL love that! Oh, please, please let them win this one!

  593. crisduhfer Says:

    it’s cute but too bad it’s not big enough for me to get in there with my cat

  594. 12 cat mom Says:

    Our kitties would have to take turns, but they would love it.

  595. Stefanie Says:

    My two kitties would love this!! It would be wonderful to bring them outside while I’m gardening.

  596. Chantal Says:

    Great idea for small spaces and great that it folds flat, easily moveable!

  597. Meghan D O'Connor Says:

    My boys would love this. They are indoor kitties and love the windowsills, but I could have this on the patio now and then. Fresh air is healthy, but so is safety!

  598. Adrienne Says:

    This would be so great! We live on the third floor and we have a good sized patio but….there is a tree right next to it that the cats have tried to launch themselves to and they also shoot right down the stairs toward the people with the Rottweiler….. /sigh/ This would allow me to feel save letting them lounge on the porch and enjoy the world a bit!

  599. Meghan Says:

    How nice!

  600. Binx and Bella Says:

    Wow! What an awesome idea! That is just what we need for my kitties to they can get closer to the birds without getting hurt or lost. Thanks for coming up with such a great portable idea! We would just love to win one!

  601. christa Says:

    would work great on our deck!!

  602. Morgan Says:

    This is a great item for my bird-loving jailbreaker, thanks for the contest!

  603. Niki Says:

    Tigger would like this, would help the bird population in my area!

  604. Barb Says:

    This would be great on my patio.

  605. Denise Says:

    My baby would love this! What a great idea.

  606. River Says:

    Perfect for the porch! Then kitty can sit with us enjoying the breeze from the woods. :-)

  607. Denise Says:

    My baby would love this!

  608. Kristen R. Says:

    My furry friends Timothy and Magnolia sure wish they could go outside. This is a great solution. And I like that it’s collapsible.

  609. Alison Says:

    This would be wonderful for visiting kitty cats who want some out door time.

  610. Linda Abelson Says:

    My 11-year old indoor cats, Wilt & Savay, have always enjoyed hanging out in front of windows and watching birds, trees and even peole walking by and admiring them. For the first time since we’ve been a family, I live on the third floor of a 3-story condo building and have only three windows, none of which get mch direct sunlight, which has caused some mild depression. I try taking them out onto the balcony while holding them closely in their harnesses, but they do not enjoy just standing there, and would rather be lolling about in the open air, rolling around on some throw rugs, munching on some kitty grass and being safely enclosed. This would be a purrfect solution for us. Thanks for the continued innovation and inspiration!

  611. Kate Says:

    What a great product!

  612. Rhonda Says:

    This would be purrfect for my two apartment dwelling cats to get some time outdoors!

  613. Dane Kantner Says:

    that’s beyond awesome!

    I’m moving soon because my cats can’t deal with being cooped up inside :!

  614. Christina Larsen Says:

    My cats would love this! I’m in vet school. It would be nice to let my cats come outside with me while I study on the porch. We would both enjoy that.

  615. Katie Says:

    This is awesome! My cats would love to be able to go outside.

  616. shelby Says:

    What an amazing gift for someone! I would use it to help my wonderful rescues enjoy the sun in a safe environment. So many of them were used to being outdoors before being rescued, and this would be an awesome way to let them shine and have fun outdoors. I have been saving for one of these for months, and a win would bring tears to my eyes and joy to my rescues!
    Thanks for the chance :)

  617. Beth Says:

    Oh how awesome. I would not have to hold my cat on the balcony all the time.

  618. maia Says:

    Absolutely wonderful! Oh happy cat!

  619. Cathy Says:

    i love that it’s portable – we can use it on our deck and when we visit my parents!

  620. Augusta Wray Says:

    Super neato. One of my cats has recently enjoyed the “Come With Me Kitty” leash but I’m sure the others would appreciate protected outside time! This is a great product!!

  621. Susie Says:

    This would be great for my kitties. They want to go outside so badly but we live on the edge of town and we’ve seen coyotes in the open space next to us, so we don’t let them out. This would be perfect!

  622. Jenny Says:

    This is an adorable portable enclosure! All my boys would love it !

  623. Christianne Says:

    We just moved from an apartment to a house and our kitties are strictly city cats who yearn for the opportunity to be in nature with us! Cosmo and Izzie would love this backyard patio!

  624. Amanda Says:

    I love this! It is the perfect outside condo for a pet. :)

  625. Louise Says:

    My indoor kitty Lilly would absolutely love this Kritter condo! My other two cats, Shai & Tate, currently enjoy an enclosed outdoor run but it is on the ground. Seems our Lilly does not like to get her pretty tortie paws dirty because she never uses it lol But she runs to the sliders whenever she hears me go out on the deck. This would be a perfect way for the two of us to enjoy the outdoors together :)

  626. Teri Says:

    Super! Great exercise, fun time for everyone to be outside! Our kitties love to watch the birds and squirrels! They’d be in purrrfffeecct heaven, enjoying the smells and hearing/watching the activities!

  627. Erin Says:

    Leo is always jealous of the dogs going outside.

  628. Jennifer P Says:

    Just what I was looking for! Our newest addition to the family is having trouble transitioning from an outdoor cat to an indoor cat. This would be perfect to give him some of the pleasure he’s been missing!

  629. stephanie Says:

    This would be perfect for my cat who is yearning to go out on our deck to get closer to the bird feeders… it will keep him and the birds safe!

  630. Irene Says:

    This is exactly what my cats need to stay safe in the yard!

  631. Minna Says:

    What a clever idea! I like the portability.

  632. Jan Says:

    What a great idea for allowing indoor-only kitties to enjoy the great outdoors! Mine would absolutely love it!

  633. Leslie Taylor Says:

    Awesome idea!!! We have three cats, and they all at some point have gotten out without supervision. Our kitties our indoors, but I think by nature, they like to prowl and explore other areas. this would allow them time outside and we wouldn’t have to worry about them getting over the fences and running away. Plus, this would give them the opportunity they need to exercise!!! Our kitties are also fond of the eat.

  634. Eve Says:

    Love this! Great for my cat who loves to venture outdoors but will keep the little critters she likes to bug safe!

  635. Eileen Says:

    I love that the Kritter Kondo Deluxe is collapsible and very portable!!! I live in a small apartment and would love to be able to provide safe outside time for my cats but be able to easily store their Kritter Kondo away when not being used!! Love this product!

  636. Margaret Says:

    How cool! My cat always wants to be outside, but I can’t always let him. This would be a great compromise.

  637. Mese Says:

    This would be perfect for my kitties. We want them to be able to go outside but we don’t have any safe place for them to wander.

  638. Jennifer K. Says:

    How fabulous! My cats would love getting to “explore” outside!

  639. Matt Says:


  640. Rebecca Says:

    I love that it has a shade attachment! What a great idea!

  641. Linus Says:

    This is just what I need, so I can work on my summer tan.

  642. Bonny Roulier Says:

    I have 4 kitties that would LOVE to play safely in this kitty condo!

  643. Sandra in California Says:

    I’m thinking about bumping out a bedroom window. Our cats are indoor only, but occasionally Gracie, the adventurous one, pops out the screen and goes exploring. It’s not a good idea with the pair of red-tailed hawks in the neighborhood. Love all the ideas I’m getting for my project.

  644. Shanetta Says:

    My two cats would love this and would finally get a chance to hang outside. Very nice indeed.

  645. Melody Says:

    Wow! What a fantastic product ! My kitties would love to be able to go outside in the Kritter Kondo :)

  646. Stephanie Says:

    I’ll have to get more than one for my boys!!

  647. Jean Jones Says:

    This would be great to take camping!

  648. Samantha Says:

    wow, what a great product. I been looking for something like this for my 3 cats. Our apartment is on the 11th floor, so can’t let them out on the balcony. They will love it, they like wind blowing in their face.

  649. Susannah Says:

    My cats would love to be able to get some fresh air using this!

  650. Denise Says:

    My two cats would love this! They’re indoor-only cats, but would love to go outside safely.

  651. Carolyn Says:

    O wow, thats awesome, one of my cats REALLY loves to go anywhere my chihuahua goes but he hates wearing his leash. this would be perfect for them to play in outside!

  652. Andrea Says:

    This would be perfect for my cat. He loves going on the balcony of my apartment but I have to hold him the whole time he is out there. It would be nice for the both of us for him to be able to hang out on the balcony without being in my arms.

  653. Joy M. Says:

    omg…this…is…awesome! i have two cats and i can trust one to be outside on the front stoop without running off so i usually have him outside in the summertime, but i feel bad for my other kitty. i could have both of them outside with this!

  654. Lea Says:

    I would love this for my cats. We live in a high-rise condo, and I’m always nervous that they’ll jump over the railing when I let them out on the deck to enjoy the sunshine!

  655. Bethany Says:

    My cats would LOVE this.

  656. amanda Says:

    i live in a high rise and i always worry when my kitties are on the balcony. i’ve heard horror stories from friends who have had cats fall over the railing. i think this would be a great compromise to keep my mind at ease and give my kitties some time outdoors.

  657. Candice S. Says:

    My Kitties would LOVE this!
    If I had this they would get to go outside safely ,smell the fresh air and look at the squirrels from a safe distance…what cat wouldn’t want this?

  658. Jill Says:

    My three cats love to go outside, but one of them always manages to get out of the yard. This would be a Godsend!

  659. Suzanne abbott Says:

    What a terrific idea!!!! This would work great in my yard!

  660. Christina Says:

    Fresh air and diversion for the cats, peace of mind for me.

  661. L Dub Says:

    Frankie, my Siamese cat would go bananas for this.

  662. Nancy Says:

    We’ve had Fisher cats seen in my area. I’d really love one of these so I couod take the cats out safely.

  663. Denise Says:

    This would be wonderful for my cats. They would so enjoy getting a taste of the outdoors while I would know they are safe.

  664. Kathy Says:

    Cool, both my cat and small dog would make good use of this!

  665. Becky Says:

    What a great idea! Our three cats would love being able to join us outside.

  666. Theresa Says:

    Just moved back with my parents and brought both my cats! I used to let them out on the deck at my old place because it was on the 3rd floor. Now I can’t and they’re dying to go out! The kondo would be awesome to have!

  667. Anne Says:

    this would be perfect for my little ones…they love sitting in the windows, what a different world it will be for them actually being outside….

  668. Sheri Says:

    I’ve been wanting to bring Taz outside, this would be perfect.

  669. Melanie Says:


  670. Elaine Says:

    I absolutely love this idea! It would be perfect for my shy little female kitty.

  671. Jessica Says:

    I love this! I have two indoor cats who spend many hours every day staring longingly out the window. I would love to be able to safely take them outside for some fresh air!

  672. Tyra Hilliard Says:

    This is cool. A friend of mine had something like this and it was a nice way for her indoor cats to get a taste of the outdoors. We just adopted a cat who was declawed (poor kitty), so this would be great for her since obviously it wouldn’t otherwise be safe for her to go outside.

  673. Cathy Says:

    Just this weekend, I was looking for playpens at yard sales, to turn upside down for my cat. (Didn’t find one, but got a lava lamp for $2.00!) This Critter Condo is waaay better! What a great design.

  674. Connie Hurtado Says:

    This is great, I’d love it for my balcony for my 3 cats

  675. Beth Says:

    This is fantastic – It’s bigger than any others I’ve seen.

    I have 4 outdoor kitties and they would squeal if they could all be out on the grass together.

    There’s even a shade canopy.

    What a great idea-

  676. Celeste Says:

    What I like best about this product is its portability; take it with you when you travel and also have the flexibility of moving it around to different spots in the yard when at home. Great design!

  677. Jennifer Says:

    This is awsome. My two kitties would love this. I could easily set this up on the deck for them to enjoy the fresh air.

  678. jessica Says:

    cool! my cat would love this on our condo balcony

  679. DJ Morrin Says:

    Spike would love one so that he could go out in the backyard for bird watching.

  680. Elaine P Says:

    This is so neat.. I would love to take my cats for a day in the park, using the Kritter Kondo!

  681. Natalia Villanova Says:

    My indoor cats would love to get fresh air safely and confortably in this catio. I love it.

  682. Kim Nelson Says:

    Very cool. Our two cats would love it.

  683. Vanessa Says:

    Wow! This is really cool! Would be perfect for my indoor kitty that still likes to go outside on occassion. What a great idea!

  684. Roxanne Says:

    What a really great idea! I have long wanted to build my cats an outdoor perch or a “catio” so that they can enjoy a little outdoor time (especially my Mattie and Ren–who cry when they hear my voice outside but can not get to me). However, building codes prohibit me from doing so. This Kritter Kondo would allow me to bring them out with me when I garden and work in the yard. I think they would love that. I know I would.

  685. tracy reed Says:

    This is a really neat items. My boys would love it!

  686. Elise Says:

    ALL five of my cats love being outside. The screened in porch is ok but still meh in comparrison to straight out the front door. With this thing I think I could finally reach a compromise with them!

  687. Leah Says:

    Very cool! I’ve wanted to give my kitties a chance to enjoy some non-window sun.

  688. M Says:

    My cats would love that!

  689. Kerry Vistisen Says:

    Wow! Trip would love one of these. After being an indoor kitty for over 10 years, he still wants to go outside.

  690. Brandy Says:

    My three kitties are indoor only, but this would be a safe, fun way for them to get some fresh air!! Love it!

  691. Natalie Says:

    My kitties would love this. They are always in the windows looking out. It would be a safe way to let them go outside.

  692. Lisa Vance Says:

    What a great idea! This would be perfect for my kitty to get out and see the grass without getting out and seeing a gator!
    Lisa in Orlando

  693. Simon's Mom! Says:

    Wow! What a great idea!

  694. Barbara Says:

    yea! i just hope the squirrels won’t terrorize my kitties while they are in there…

  695. Audra Says:

    A leash-free way to let indoor cats enjoy the outdoors! perfect for my 2 fluffballs.

  696. Tanya Says:

    This is a great way for your cat to see the outdoors without getting away. It’s a great idea.

  697. Cathy Thornburn Says:

    Wow, this would be perfect for my boy Leo. Leo is older with medical issues, and because of them I have to clean his area several time a week. What to do with Leo while I’m cleaning? Usually he has to be in a carrier for the half hour. But with this, he could enjoy an outdoor adventure, just outside the screen door where I can keep an eye on him. Wonderful concept.

  698. nadine Says:

    I’d love to have my boys on the deck with me but I am too afraid that they would run away. This is perfect. I could set it up by the door so they could go in and out and enjoy the fresh air and birds. They would think they’ve gone to heaven.
    Thank you.

  699. Bonnie Says:

    This is a great idea. A portable cat condo so my babies can enjoy the outside for a little while. (Supervised, of course.)

  700. Ashley Leah M Says:

    Dagny and Kadina meow that they would like to be entered!

  701. Kelly Says:

    This would be great to have. My older cat and my new kitten both would love to be able to get outside safely for a bit.

  702. Lara Says:

    How FAB – my cats would love this and it would be the perfect solution to use while I save up the “bucks” for my own catio project!

  703. Kristeen Says:

    This looks so cool. I have 5 cats that would looove this.

  704. Beth Wold Says:

    Wow, that’s really cool. Just the kinda thing we’ve been looking for.

  705. Evamarie Says:

    SUper cool My cats Billy and Madison would love love this, they both are indoor Kittys, but enjoy getting out once in awhile

  706. Jennifer Jones Says:

    I would love to have this for my kitties! They would love to go see the outside world, from the safety & comfort of their kitty fortress!

  707. ekm Says:

    my cat would LOVE that!!

  708. rychelle Says:

    oh, paisley and oliver need one of these SO, SO, SO badly!

  709. Lori Says:

    My indoor Bengals would love to be able to romp outside with this!

  710. joycebell Says:

    My two cats would love this! Plus, better yet–no need to build anything which means a lot to a challenged handy-person like me.

  711. cathy Says:

    oooohhh, better than the cat leash!

  712. grace Says:

    I have been thinking about one of these for a long time. My 3 boys would love it! Keeping my claws crossed!!

  713. Samantha Says:

    My cats would love this, they try so desperately to get out onto the back deck to watch the hummingbirds and with this I wouldn’t be afraid to let them out there!

  714. LeeAnn Says:

    Oooooh, fun for the kitties!

  715. Beth Bauman Says:

    This condo is soooooo cool! My two ragdolls would absolutely LOVE this. They are indoor cats and I know they would really enjoy getting outside to breathe the fresh air and watch birds. I love the shade canopy also. Great invention!

  716. Clarita Says:

    That would be of great utility!

  717. Windy Phillips Says:

    Very cool! This would be perfect for our kitties since we are renters and can’t build them a catio.

  718. Lisa Says:

    My four cats constantly vie for the window ledges in my my house to lounge and watch birds — this would be ideal for a little outdoor leisure time!!

  719. D Price Says:

    Living in a high rise condo in South Florida, requires my two cats to be indoors all day. Recently, they have been asking to go out on the patio during the hot, humid summer. I usually let them out at night unless the people below are smoking or it is raining. However, it is very muggy. I have found a small pet door at Lowe’s that I am going to install in the patio door. That way, they can get out when they wish. The Kritter Kondo looks like a cozy, safe way for them to enjoy watching the birds in the trees and get a breath of fresh air even when I don’t find it as pleasant to enjoy. Thank you for helping me to realize how important the outdoor time is for them.

  720. Celeste Parkhurst Says:

    My kitty could so use this. He is an indoor kitty that loves his outside time and I can’t build a catio in my rental for him.

  721. Tami Berry Says:

    Wonderful idea :) My kitties are indoor only, but I am sure they would love the chance to feel the great outdoors safely. Thanks for offering a free one : )

  722. Courtney Says:

    Monty would love something like this! He yearns to be outside but we can’t let him on the porch in our new place because it’s not fully enclosed. We feel so bad for him, this would make him happy!

  723. Laura Says:

    I would love to have one of those!

  724. Anita Says:

    This is such a an amazing idea and I’ve been admiring this for a while now for my Bean – he’d love some outdoor time on the deck. Thanks for the opportunity!

  725. Lisanthrope Says:

    What a great way to let my cat, Bella, get some fresh air!

  726. Evie Turner Says:

    My two indoor cats would love this! Thanks for considering my entry!

  727. Julia Says:

    Our old apartment had a screened-in balcony, which my two indoor-only cats loved. They would lounge on the balcony, sunning themselves all day. When they wanted excitement, they would chirp at the rabbits or birds that passed by. Our new apartment doesn’t have a screen, so the cats can only look out the window and don’t get the same experience. This would be perfect for them to be able to enjoy the outside again.

  728. Dave Says:

    Mookie wants this…. badly.

  729. Rebecca Says:

    I have 4 indoor cats that i’ve always wanted to let go out for awhile but am afraid they’ll run away. They love looking outside & I believe they’d love spending a little time in these!

  730. Liz M Says:

    My cat is always trying to run outside! Maybe with a little outside time she won’t attempt a jailbreak every time the door is opened!

  731. Stephen Says:

    My boys would love, LOVE this. Besides watching birds and squirrels, they could eat plenty of grass and bugs (their favorites)!

  732. Paulette Says:

    My baby boy would love this!! He would be able to play outside & I would be worry free :)

  733. Deena Says:

    My cats love sunshine and bugs–they would have such a great time with this!

  734. Erica Says:

    Oh my, this would be the best thing ever! Especially since I’ve had such bad news in the past few days… I would love to be able to sit outside with the kittens!!

  735. Donna Says:

    Wow! Love this and so would my kitties! Don’t have a backyard, so this would be great for the front patio.

  736. Wanda Says:

    I would love to be entered for this! My tiny doggy would love it!

  737. Suzanne Says:

    My kitties would love to come accompany me while I garden!

  738. Kama Leier Says:

    Looks like a great product!

  739. cindy Says:

    I’ve been searching for something like this…. This is great!!

  740. Christina Says:

    this would be an ideal way for my kitties to enjoy my balcony space.

  741. urbancritter Says:

    What a great way to be able to enjoy some outside time with the cats! WANT! :-)

  742. Stephanie Says:

    Ooh ooh ooh! This looks purr-fect! My girl can sleep in the sun, and my boy can sniff the fresh air for hours! Like Julia’s cats, they miss their screened-in balcony….

  743. M. Harding Says:

    Would be great to sit in front of my building with one of my cats and watch the world go by …

  744. Diane Says:

    How Cool! It would be great to have my kitties outside in this

  745. Gail Says:

    Very cool – they can watch the squirrels close up!

  746. Joanne E. Says:

    My cats are saying…….”Woohoo!! hope we win, outside, outside, outside, outside, we want to go OUTSIDE!!!!”

    I say thanks for the chance……very nice idea.

  747. Kristen Says:

    What a great way to enrich your cat’s day to day experience, safely. You’d be surprised how much mental stimulation the Kritter Kondo Deluxe will offer your cat! I love the “pawning” attached to offer some shade!

  748. mina Says:

    my cat will love this!

  749. Diane Baum Says:

    My three cats would be in 7th heaven in this, what a great idea-Norman Ray, Angel Rose, Toby and their mom thank you

  750. Elizabeth Says:

    A wonderful idea and product! Any kitties would love it!

  751. Kate Says:

    I spend all of my extra time volunteering in kitty rescue, welfare, rights, and legislature in Atlanta, GA. Tomorrow I am getting an adult blind, deaf, club foot cat. He is a happy kitty though! He was taken from a hoarding, and neglect situation, and was the first that Animal Control wanted to put down, but a local rescue begged them not to, and now he is coming to live with me. :) )
    This would be PERFECT for him to be able to sit in the grass, and sunshine, and feel the outdoors.
    Thank you, Kate

  752. Melissa Says:

    My indoor kitties would love this, and I like how easy it is to store.

  753. roadtripeddie Says:

    Cats need there fresh air, but to give them that safely, is the hard part, this makes it so much easier, xcept for rattlesnakes. ive done this on balconies, just screen them in, and there safe and happy, specially when watching the squirrels go by.

  754. Anna Says:

    My cats would love this!

  755. wanda Says:

    great idea. looks like it would be easy to use. my cats will love something like this. they are both terrified of the great out doors but are facinated by it at the same time
    I wont let my cats out anymore because my last cat was so unlucky with injuries and my vet bills were high. the two i have now are strictly kept inside but I feel the cats do miss the out door experience.

  756. Ashley Says:

    My kitty would love to safely explore the outdoors!

  757. Laura Says:

    I think my cat Stink would love to be outside on the balcony and watch the birds.

  758. Maryann Royster Says:

    Great idea for us owners of indoor cats.

  759. ordith Says:

    Our cats would love this!

  760. Vi Says:

    What a cool product! My cats would love this!

  761. Rachel Says:

    My cat would be so happy to have this!!

  762. Catherine Says:

    I have 4 cats that love to go outside – how cool would this be.

  763. Laura Says:

    B/c I live in Arizona & coyotes here eat small animals, I have to keep my two cats as indoor pets. I hate that they can’t be outside & be “real” cats so this Catio would be an excellent way for them to enjoy the outdoors safely!

  764. Sara Says:

    Wow, what a neat product!

  765. Naomi Says:

    my kitties would love this!

  766. Kerry Says:

    Would love to win!

  767. Laura Says:

    I know my cat will feel SAFE and Happy in this :)

  768. Maggie Says:

    What a great idea!! My little guy would love one!

  769. Nancy Says:

    The Catio concept is fantastic and I’m impressed with what people create! My two cats, Ziggy and Makena, would enjoy lounging in the Kritter Kondo on our patio. Thank you for the awesome giveaway!

  770. dixie Says:

    This would be an awesome treat for our indoor-only cats!

  771. Leslie Says:

    Oooh! My three indoor kitties would love this. Nice idea.

  772. souphead Says:

    our little Lucy would LOVE this! I can see she wants to go out on the deck, but she’s a little scared. plus she’s a pretty good jumper and I can’t turn it into a proper catio so this would be perfect!

  773. Mary Kay Says:

    Oooh, not only would this be great for letting a kitty or 2 enjoy some outdoor time, it would be great for reintroducing my ‘hermit kitty’ to the rest of the household. I could bring her down to the family room and let her hang out safely with the other kitties in the Kritter Kondo!!! I LOVE this!

  774. Brenda Says:

    Our two cats would love to play outside in this and enjoy the sun! This looks wonderful.

  775. Kathy Says:

    This is the perfect solution to my cat’s enjoying some fresh air.

  776. kimberly Says:

    i think this was an ingenious idea, i have an indoor cat who looks so longingly outside it hurts

  777. Melissa Says:

    Awesome idea!

  778. @stampylisa Says:

    Holy cat condos Batman!! my kitty would LURV this play place!!

  779. Becky G Says:

    What a cool idea! My cats would love to play in this.

  780. Bethany Says:

    This is perfect for patio or balcony, providing outdoor access as well as safety. My cat, Kitty, also enjoys exploring the yard while on harness/leash!

  781. Susan Says:

    This would be perfect for my cats! I would love to get this for them!

  782. Natalia Says:

    Great enclosure! Keeping my fingers crossed.

  783. Leigh Ann Says:

    This is a fabulous creation! We live in a second-story condo and this would allow my cats to enjoy nature safely. Bravo!

  784. Candy Says:

    Please. Misha says please. He’s a registered birder. This will save the birds and Misha.

  785. MaryAnne Says:

    My kitties would love this. They love to sit and look out the window. Rosie, Lily & Charlie are keeping their paws crossed hoping that they will win this wonderful contraption!

  786. Karen T Says:

    verrrry cool! my kitties would love this.

  787. Bethany Says:

    Our cats would love this. :-) Every summer they meow by our open windows and reach for the door handle trying to get out, but we just aren’t comfortable letting them out at our current location.

  788. Elaine Says:

    My girls, Ellie May & Jesse Marie, would love this so they could be outside with mom while she is sunbathing. =]

  789. Ar Foster Says:

    So happy to learn of this contest. I have two “old ladies” at home: a 13yo Silver Tabby, and a 12yo Maine Coon/Orange Tabby mix.

    Sadly, the only times they have ever been outside are when I take them to their vet–in a cardboard cat crate.

    Because of my poor health (I am disabled with more than a few serious medical conditions) and living on a tiny disability income, I live in a very small apartment with no yard or patio.

    To win this Kritter Kondo Catio would mean a huge lifestyle change for me, my cats, and even Gryphon, my service dog.

    I know we all want to win this, but I wish everyone who ‘doesn’t’ enter, will cross their fingers for me!

    Thanks, and good luck to self!

  790. Sophie Says:

    Oh, I’d love one of these!

  791. Callie Girl Says:

    Hey this would be purfect fur me – Dad has decided not to go camping late August, because I am new to the family and he’s afraid I might get lost our somethin”. This way I could be outside and safe!!!!! Oh please let me be drawn, we’se never won anytin at all. This would be purfect fur all the kids who wrote above, but mom really wants to go campin’ ME TOO!!!!!

  792. siouxz Says:

    totally kewl, i can see multiple uses here, random outside time, emergency evauation too. great the way it folds up.

  793. Melissa Says:

    How Cute! I can see my little Pinky outside in the Grass sniffing and sleeping instead of running away. This should be on everyone’s list of kitty needs.

  794. Jess Says:

    Wow, great! My cats would adore this.

  795. susan henry Says:

    I need one of these! My cats (four) need a safe way to go outside to enjoy the fresh air. This is so cool, I’ve GOT to get one! Just love the idea and am also thinking it would be useful for other pets as well.

  796. Vida Says:

    This is fantastic! The cats at our house would LOVE this.

  797. Nicole Says:

    I would love to get this for my cat!

  798. Regina Says:

    I didn’t want my baby outside, but I would make an exception with this Kritter Condo! Way cool!!

  799. Ashley Says:

    Our 6 cats love to explore the outdoors but we never allow them outside without a leash on. This would give them more freedom which I know they would love. What a cool idea!

  800. pamela Says:

    wow!! this is exactly what i need right now for my new cat!

  801. Melissa A. Says:

    I know a curious kitten who would love one of these!

  802. Ellie Says:

    I have been looking for something like this for ever! My cats would have a blast outside watching all the bugs and birds!

  803. Christine Says:

    This is exactly what my Kitty needs to transition to the new apartment!

  804. CathyH Says:

    My two indoor cats would love this adventure, thanks for sharing!

  805. leslie hopper Says:

    this is exactly what my mom needs for her cat that wants to go out so bad. she won’t let him because of another unfortunate accident with another cat along time ago. she could let this one go out, get fresh air, feel the grass under his feet, watch the birds and squirrels. All while she sits and reads a book (one of her favorite things) and is monitoring him. And she would love me more…

  806. Dorothy Says:

    I would love to win the cat run because I have three rescued cats.
    Billie Jo Idaho ran thru our garage the day we moved into our house.
    I later found she had five kittens, all sitting on our fence posts. I left
    food & water for them daily & put our garage door up for them to come
    & go. Four kittens were picked off & one was left, who we thought was a boy. This boy gave birth to 5 kittens in our garage. We kept one & took the rest to a no-kill shelter that I’ve been donating to ever since. Fred & Wilma are totally indoors. Billie Jo refuses to stay in. Yowls at the door. We regrettably let her out but she stays close to home & we bring her in at night. I would love this enclosure so my cats can feel the wind, hear birds, see grass. Thank you. Dorothy in Boise

  807. Aimée Says:

    My two cats Mister and Miss would adore this! What a wonderful idea so all can be happy and safe.

  808. Jeri Says:

    Although i don’t think I have a rats chance to win (and it would keep the rats out), this is something i would like to purchase for the other humans in my house. Please let me know when i win and if not, where can i buy it!

  809. Catherine Says:

    My Lucy would LOVE this!!!

  810. Ben Says:

    Looks pretty sweet. My cat would love it.

  811. Katie Says:

    I don’t know if my temperamental cat would like this, which is why I hope to WIN instead of BUY one of these to try it out! Here’s hoping for the best!

  812. Alissa Says:

    My kitty is indoor but loves going outside (on her leash). This would be a fabulous way for her to enjoy the fresh air in a more relaxing way. :)

  813. Alastair Says:

    Would love to try it out!

  814. Tara Says:

    My babies would LOVE this. It is a great way to allow them to feel free and outside, yet remain safe. Fabulous idea!

  815. Lissa Says:

    I am moving soon and my part-time outdoor kitties are going to have to adjust to being indoor. This breezy enclosure would help them adjust and give them the freedom they wouldn’t otherwise have when we move. Thanks for the opportunity to win it! Butters and Scout would love it and so would I!

  816. Amanda Says:

    I am moving into a smaller apartment, and I know that my two cats will greatly miss their current second-floor deck! This would be perfect for them at our new place!

  817. Johanna Says:

    This would relieve stress for when my cats want to go outside!

  818. Alicia Says:

    Fun! I have been looking for a way to let my cats enjoy the outdoors :-)

  819. Angieh Says:

    What an awesome solution to indoor cat boredom. My rescue kitten, Milo would love something like that.

  820. Sherry D Says:

    This would be an awesome way for our Smudge to join us outside and be perfectly safe from the dangers that lurk outdoors. Thanks for the wonderful giveaway.

  821. Jimi Says:

    My calico Cleo and former feral kitty, Wittle Guy, would love to be able to go outside and sunbathe! When the doors are open they sit/sleep in the sun. What a terrific treat your Kritter Kondo would be for them.

  822. Richard Says:

    Does it fit 11?

    Probably not wise to try, but this is very nice.

  823. Lisa Says:

    This is great! I love the idea of a catio – my only problem right now is I am in an apartment – would love to take my cats out and give them a little outdoor experience. I would also love to know if anyone has success with buiding any kind of indoor cat arena. I would love to use some of my wall space with shelves or boxes for the cats to play.

  824. Becca Says:

    We’re on the verge of having to give our cat away because our living space is so small. We try to let her outside, but she always wants to sit in the doorway with the door open instead! We live in apartments so it is hard to accommodate her. I hope we can get one of these Kritter Kondos – I think Natasha would like it!

  825. Cathy Borah Says:

    I have two 1 yr old cats that want to be outside so badly but cannot because we live by a highway and have a mean dog that lives across the street…This would be a perfect way to let them go outside and be safe with our supervision of course…

  826. Cheryl Says:

    My daughter’s kitty, Scooter, is an indoor kitty, but always wants to go outside. Once he gets outside, he is afraid of everything! This is the absolute perfect thing for him to play in and “explore” the outside without him running away!

  827. Annie Says:

    My kitty would love this! He is so curious and this would keep him out of trouble. :)

  828. Gayle Says:

    What a wonderful place my little Othello would love to hang out! We went from living in an entire townhome to a one room home after my fiance passed away last year and one of my biggest heartbreaks is that my little O can’t run around anywhere like he used to. He is and always has been the ‘man’ in my life and it saddens me to see him cooped up inside one room. This would be so wonderful so he could be outdoors and enjoy the world outside but be safe at the same time. What a wonderful giveaway – thank you!

  829. Koko Says:

    My kitties are only indoor kitties but they would love to go outside and this would be a great way to keep them safe and still let them have their fresh air :)

  830. Wendy Says:

    This would be really awesome for my cat Callie… She doesn’t get to go outside, but with this I could let her spend some time in the yard and get some sunshine.

  831. Christine Says:

    My cats would love this! I live in downtown Chicago and my two girls just love window watching from my first floor condo; I can only imagine how excited they would be to get their paws on some dirt and fresh smells! How nice for me to not worry about my ladies running off into the street :) I’m hoping my much loved (shelter adopted!) kitties can enjoy this with me all summer long!

  832. Lisa Z Says:

    My cats are always so curious about the outdoors, but I unfortunately don’t have a screened in patio for them. This would be the perfect solution for them to safely enjoy the outdoors with me.

  833. Joe Says:

    Thank you for the contest. The Kondo looks very well designed. I would like to enter for my cat.

  834. Michelle Says:

    What a generous giveaway! Thanks for the chance!

  835. Robin Says:

    This would be really nice, especially since I have a mean neighbor that called animal control on my cat when he was outside. :( Leash law for cats means no fun outside.

  836. Franci Says:

    Oh, how I would love this – my 4 furry kids would too! The girls are always getting their leashes tangled and the boys simply won’t wear them, so they never get to spend time out in our courtyard anymore. This would be the perfect solution and we could all enjoy hanging out in the garden together.

  837. Moe Says:

    This is such a great idea. My poor ‘house bound” kitties would love it…the great outdoors with out the great dangers!
    Hope you have a lot of success with this item!

  838. LESLEY Says:

    Adorable! my kitties would love this!

  839. Jennifer Says:

    I’ve been looking for something like this for a long time! My four cats would have to take turns, but they’d love it.

  840. Sheryl Says:

    We fulltime RV and this would be fabulous to put Felse outside with us in the campgrounds.

  841. Rachel Says:

    One of our two cats would love this – he’s always whining to go outside, but he tends to want to explore the fenceline rather than just sit and relax. The other cat is a rescued feral and she appreciates the indoors. ;)

  842. Erin Says:

    This is so great – my babies would love it!

  843. Wendy Says:

    What a wonderful setup! This would be perfect for the complex we live in, as well as trips to the ‘rent’s house.

  844. Sofia Says:

    This would be perfect to keep my guys safe outside!

  845. Andrea Says:

    My cats would love this and I would no longer have to worry about them diving off of the balcony!

  846. Lora Says:

    Wow!! What a wonderful way to allow Coco to enjoy the outdoors… safely!!!

  847. Marion Scott Says:

    My cat would love this. She sits at the doors at look out constantly. I can imaging her saying “wow I would love to be out there”.

  848. Cole Williams Says:

    My kittens would love it!

  849. Lee Says:

    This would be wonderful for the cats I have. After moving to another location they no longer have a screened porch and miss the fresh air and sounds of the outdoors. This is a safe way for them to enjoy that again.

  850. Billie von Engeln Says:

    I am moving in two weeks and Olie and Aggie will miss their bird watching! My new place has a regular back door instead of a sliding glass door with screen, so this would be wonderful for them!

  851. Amy Says:

    This is a GREAT way of getting my seven cats to enjoy themselves without having to worry about them being attacked by stray cats. Also i could sure use it for the abandoned kittens that i have until i can find them a home!!

  852. Catz Jazz Rescue Says:

    Hi, we are the cats at Catz Jazz Rescue in Austin, Texas. We are Austin’s forgotten and neglected felines that have been rescued from abusive situations. Some of us have been waiting for over a year for a forever person to find us. Our human fosters take us to adoption events at local venues in the hopes that one day we will catch that twinkle in someone’s eyes. A Kritter Kondo Deluxe would be a luxury to us because our humans spend all of their own money on our care and there is a tight budget for items like this that could be really useful at outdoor adoption events. With an awesome portable structure, we would be ready to paint the town and add some Cat Jazz to someone’s life!

  853. Charles Clarke Says:

    What a clever idea. My three indoor kitties would love this!

  854. Robert van Koten Says:


  855. Matt van Dam Says:

    Our little babies would love this soooo much!We live on the third floor so they don’t get out very awesome.Fingers crossed!! <3 <3 <3

  856. Terri Miles Says:

    I saved a little stray, GlidaBelle and now I have to sweet babies, but Glida looks outside missing her outdoor days and I feel bad that she can’t go out anymore, I don’t want her to get hit by a car. They would love this. Very cool the cat’s own space!

  857. jodi Says:

    This is about the most wonderful thing I have ever seen. What kitty wouldn’t enjoy a little time outdoors! Thanks for your creativity! People like this always amaze me!

  858. Meg Loney Says:

    Meow. I would like to teach my kitten the wonders of the outdoors.I hope we win!!!

  859. Juanita Lee Says:

    My husband,( better known as Poppie) and I have rescued 5 kittens. Poppie was never into cats until his heart was captured by these little critters. The first was KitKat. he is now a very large male. he is also an escape artist. When the doors open to the outside, he is lightening fast to escape. The girls, Spooky, Gizmo, Polly and last but not forgotten is D.C. (she acquired her name from someone calling her the dead cat. so we shorten it to D.C.) she was 3 weeks old when rescued and being a stray the vets told us they could not do anything for her. so me and poppie took it upon on ourselves to do a little bit of home remedies and a whole lot of praying. she is now 35 weeks old.

  860. Juanita Lee Says:

    I would love to win this for our cats. there is a lot more to the story than can be explained in a few words. We have a cat hater across the the street from us.

  861. Barbara McCallon Says:

    The Kritter Kondo is amazing. Good luck everybody!

  862. Merrilee Cosmtock Says:

    I have several cats & 2 mama’s, all of whom want to go out; however, we live on the edge of a forest where there’s lots of wild animals + a cougar & a man with a gun. . .the man with a gun already shot one of my cats, twice, who still wants to enjoy the great outdoors. . .this would be an excellent way for each kitty to have a turn outdoors until I can build a large Catio so they can all go out to play!

  863. Debbie Gervasi Says:

    I would love to have something like this for Minnie and her owne, my daughter, Sarah. I was looking at Catios because I’ve had Minnie at my house for almost a year and now she’s going “home” to her momma and needs a good, safe place to play. We leave day after tomorrow and I’m searching everywhere for something just for Minnie. This would be Purrfect…Though I can see I’m about a year too late for the giveaway I love the concept…Thanx.

  864. Rosemary Lowe Says:

    Flax and Shanti would love to go outside again. They are both indoor cats but when I moved I was in a backyard area that was fenced in and they were fine until one day Shanti decided to jump the fence and I had to search for her. With some Greenies I was successful. I do not let either one of them out now but want to go out and enjoy the beautiful outdoors. The Kritter Kond Deluxe would be the perfect solution! Thank you! : )

  865. Noreene Rollings Says:

    I hope that you do another giveaway soon. I have a number of cats, strictly indoor cats of course, that would love the opportunity to go outside to see, smell and hear the things that they are only able to see through the windows. They would also thoroughly enjoy the chance to run about in the fresh air and lay in the sunshine. The cats are saying that I need to look into seeing if I can build a catio of some sort for them. The outdoor enclosures on your site are fabulous, great ideas. Now to decide which is best. Thank you for everything.

  866. Liz Stevens Says:

    My new kitten would love this when I take her to my families home. She would be outdoors but safe.

    I live in NYC and don’t have any outdoor space…try to build perches, etc..for fun…but everything becomes fun for the kitty…even your shower!!

    Great site..and fabulous ideas for when I do have a real outdoor space…she would love it!

    Thank you for making kitties safe..and have fun!


  867. Carlos Alvarez Says:

    Hi, Just a great item to have or to make. Something good you could also sell are a set of plans for building some designs of condos similar to this one. Congratulations on the design.

  868. Janet Surrusco Says:

    I have two young cats I rescued from our local pound (brother and sister – Hector and Lola). They are purely indoor cats but I know how they would like to be outside. Currently I live where winter is 9 mos. out of the year. Due to health issues, I plan to move to a location where the sun shines most of the time. I figure the cats should safely enjoy the sunshine as much as I will. I’ve been looking at all the designs and ideas people have shared regarding their catios and hope to do something similar at my new location. I won’t have a very big patio and the Kritter Kond may be just the answer, at least at the beginning. Thanks for the great site. I’ll keep watching as I make my future plans.

  869. Michelle Shillinglaw Says:

    I have 4 indoor cats and we would love to give them the oppertunity to be outside and enjoy the fresh air. All my Kitties have been adopted through a non kill shelter. but two have had hard lives and we are to scared to let them out and wonder, so this would be a great thing to have.

  870. Marjana Says:

    I live in an apartment with a balcony. My kitty so badly wants to hang out with me out there. This would be an instant hit with him!

  871. Amy Says:

    My kitty Willow love this, she always wants to go outside.

  872. GuyWith3Cats Says:

    Wonder if I could use that for introducing new cats to each other. Our newest fights with the other two, getting scary!

  873. Ken-Linda Osburn Says:

    We spend a lot of time outside with our 3 dogs on the patio and when we saw the little outdoor enclosure for cats, we just had to enter the contest to try to win one for the cats in our lives.
    Some like to go outside and others are content to stay in.
    We hope we are lucky enough to win one, they are wonderful and such a great idea.

  874. Judy Says:

    We have 5 kids and I have really been wanting to let them see and be outside in a safe environment. These are fabulious ideas and i can’t wait to try and come up with something. Once we do I just know our kids are going to love the great outdoors.

  875. KBM Says:

    I am a foster mom for orphaned kittens from the Portage APL. This would be great to have to give my little ones some fresh air and sunshine. I have fostered over 500 animals since 2002, about 80% of them are bottle fed kittens.

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