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July 31st, 2010 Colorful Catios in Fresno, California


Harvie and her husband decided to build not one, but two custom catios at their home in Fresno, California. These gorgeous spaces, full of light and color, look like a perfect cat paradise and a wonderful place to hang out with feline family members.


To start the project, they first enclosed a large covered patio area that faces toward their lovely pool and backyard. They hired Tom Whitling of The Avian Home, a custom builder who specializes in bird aviaries. This is the first cat enclosure that he has worked on. Tom pre-constructed the custom panels and then secured them in place with concrete bolts and screws into the stucco walls. All the panels were painted before installation, as you can see below.


After the panels were in place, Harvie and her husband went back and caulked around the bottom to keep water and bugs out, plus they added clear Plexiglas panels along the bottom portion on the outside of the panels to keep out rain spatters, water from the pool sweep, and dust from the gardener’s leaf blower.


They added two shelves, one at waist height and another way up high, for kitty climbing, plus lots of cat trees, scratchers, a litter box, and food and water. Comfy human furniture, colorful decor, and a ceiling fan add just the right touches to make everyone feel right at home.


The cats access the catio through the sliding glass doors, which have cat flaps installed in the screens. There is an alternative entrance into this catio from the kitchen window.


Since the first catio was such a success, Harvie and her husband decided to add a smaller catio off the master bedroom. This catio also has a climbing shelf, cat trees, and a loveseat.


As if living in California isn’t nice enough, these lucky kitties sure do have a wonderful home!



9 Responses to “Colorful Catios in Fresno, California”

  1. Corinne Says:

    What a delightfully colorful and airy catio! This is such a great design and thank you so much for including the details of how they built it. I dream of one day having the space to build a catio like this for our boys (and then we’d have room for a sister for them!)

  2. caren gittleman Says:

    OMG green is my favorite color and I am just dying over this living space for the cats (and for the people too!)

    I have one question,

    May I move in please?


  3. ihavecat Says:

    as someone living with my 3 cats and multiple fosters in a one-bedroom apartment. i am wondering if my cats and I can come live in this catio? love the bright colors! lucky kitties!

  4. Rebecca Says:

    WOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! LOVE IT!!!! Wish I didn’t live in a NYC apt building as I’d create this in a heartbeat! Beautiful. Your cats look exceptionally happy and relaxed.

  5. Terri Says:

    I was very impressed with the first catio. Harvie’s first design colors were different – I love this one – green is my favorite color too! I have not seen the second catio yet, so it was fun to see it here, online. I can’t wait to see it when I come to visit on the 13th! Well done!

  6. Daiane Says:

    Those are lucky kitties. I love the catio. It is gorgeous!

  7. Doug Says:

    Not only does your cats live better that my cats…Your cats live better that me!

    Please adopt us.



    tres tres joli j”adore

  9. lliya1 Says:


    I have the same cat that on the first foto “catio 8″

    We don’t know his origins, can you to say me the breed of your cat please ?

    very very thanks

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