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January 5th, 2009 Ragdoll’s Royal Residence

This custom cat enclosure was designed and built by the Australian company, Advanced Cat Enclosures (ACE). The owners of ACE, Sue and Steve Williams, have been building cat enclosures for fourteen years and they have excellent suggestions on their website for people who are considering building a cat enclosure.

Check out some of the other enclosures from Advanced Cat Enclosures in their gallery.

9 Responses to “Ragdoll’s Royal Residence”

  1. Barb Williamson Says:

    What I love about this catio is that the kitties get to “go on safari.” What a rich life these cats have!

  2. jmuhj Says:

    These are beautiful and I agree with BW above — love the integration of trees, grass and other natural elements, which cats have got to love!

  3. Cricket Says:

    all it needs is some catnip growing and then it would be kitty heaven!

  4. ragdoll cat Says:

    you have a nice place… nice place for ragdoll cat

  5. Kristoffer Says:

    I still think that all cats should be living free, and not in a enclosure…. but if they should live in a enclosure, i would recomend these ;)

  6. Shari Says:

    It is just too dangerous for cats to run unattended outside. These enclosures give them the best of both worlds.

    This would be the best for me, rather than one that is screened in — since a couple of my cats know how to tear out screens!

  7. Chantal Says:

    Looks really good. I’d forgotten this one had grass by the time I saw the last entry. The grass feature is very important and I love the elevated walkway!

  8. C.H.Close Says:

    I agree with Shari. I have numerous ‘free’ cats that come and go at the barn, but they are not safe. This year I have lost three, last year I lost 4, near as we can tell from predators (winged, four legged and two legged hairless ones with pellet guns). At least our indoor cats have what we would consider the best of both worlds…our bed for snoozing and leaving hair, and the out of doors for sunshine, grass, fresh air and bugs to chase…and of course snoozin’.

  9. Lou Ruiz Says:

    This makes me feel bad for my kitties who are at stuck at home in my apartment but it also make me want to be a cat and live at your place! …way cool!

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