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January 3rd, 2009 Jamaka’s Mojave Desert Cat Compound

Jamaka and her husband created an elaborate cat enclosure on this property in the Mojave desert. They started by enclosing the outdoor area next to the 4-stall stable, but they didn’t stop there. They insulated two of the stalls, poured a concrete slab which was covered with all-weather boat deck carpeting, installed cat doors for indoor/outdoor access, and they even went so far as to install a swamp cooler and misters for the summer months and a heater to keep it nice and toasty in the winter. Elevated sleeping cubicles and a corner multi-level platform add extra spots for perching and napping to these special accommodations.

Back at the house, they added a catio for the indoor crew. Cat doors allow easy access and a 3-perch climbing structure along with rugs, pillows, and a variety of toys and interactive exercisers complete the environment. A perfect desert oasis for some very lucky cats!

7 Responses to “Jamaka’s Mojave Desert Cat Compound”

  1. Joy Says:

    Thanks for posting this, Kate! Jamaka has been a Best Friends member nearly as long as I’ve worked there, and I was thrilled to be able to share this on Crafty Critters!

  2. Barb Williamson Says:

    this would be excellent for people who have allergies to cats and cat actually live with their kitties, or for cats with really bad house habits….climate controlled, insulated, roomy and you can walk in and visit them.

  3. Mary Rex Says:

    This is so inspiring. I must build a similar catio for my PA suburban kitties. Thankyou! Seeing this makes me really miss the desert.

  4. Jamaka Says:

    Nice comments! And SO DO I, Mary Rex. So do we all. ;( Hope you are able to build your own little corner of Paradise for your cats. They are SO worth it, aren’t they? ;)

  5. Chris Says:

    I’m about to set up our catio on our little back deck here in San Francisco. I’ve enjoyed looking at these pics, but I was surprised to see the chip board plywood in the last pics. I have a friend that worked at a lumber company and he told me that would is really toxic because of all the glue used to adhere the chips to each other. He told me this after seeing it had been used as flooring in an old office of mine. He said it’s really not meant to be used where it’s exposed and people (and/or) animals would be in close proximity. I noticed years ago that this is what all the carpet-covered cat towers are made of and it made me wonder about the growing problem of thyroid (endocrine) problems in cats. Just thought folks would like to know since it’s obvious these are true cat lovers who would never want to expose their cats to something potentially toxic.

  6. jmuhj Says:

    To Chris:

    We were totally ignorant of that when we built this, but we were planning to paint all the wood surfaces before my ex dumped us. Unfortunately, we do not live there any more.

  7. Jo Singer Says:

    I totally want to come back as one of your cats in my next lifetime. These are sensational accomodations.:) Bless you.

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