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January 4th, 2009 David and Mary’s Tiny Treehouse

David and Mary really made the most of a small space and a tiny budget when they created this treetop catio for their cats in Austin, Texas. They started with a 4 x 7 foot balcony nestled in the trees. Using only $75 of materials, they built lightweight walls, screened it in with sturdy plastic netting, and added a plastic tarp roof cover for shade and light rain protection. Since the walls are stone and the exterior door is metal, they couldn’t add a kitty door, so they just leave the door open for the cats who love to sit on the ledges and watch the squirrels and birds…just out of reach in the trees. Deer passing through the yard just below the balcony provide additional entertainment.

6 Responses to “David and Mary’s Tiny Treehouse”

  1. Barb Williamson Says:

    Do they do the balcony scene from Romeo & Juliet

  2. jmuhj Says:

    Really nice and creative use of space, materials and funds means that almost anyone can construct a catio — thanks for sharing!

  3. David Says:

    Appropriately enough, our third cat (not in the pics) is named Romeo!

    Still waiting to find his Juliet…..

  4. courtney Says:

    terrific porch, what a great design! where did you find the sturdy plastic netting? i’ve been looking for this exact thing to replace the metal wire i used for my cat’s porch …

  5. Bethany Says:

    Horribly late on this, but would it be possible to adjust this for use on a rental with a balcony? I’ve been avoiding renting an apartment with a balcony for the reason that I’d be afraid my cat(s) (I foster so the number varies from 1-4) would get out and accidentally fall off without realizing how high up they were. This makes the idea of a balcony less scary…

  6. Robin Says:

    I love the idea of the balcony and the work that you have done. I am in an rental unit. I have Brick on one side and metal siding on the other with the railing being metal, not wooden. I am also on the second floor and have a concrete patio not a wooden one. I would love to do something for my cats so that they can go out and enjoy the weather. I back to the woods and think that they would love to be outside in the air, but in a safe way. Can this be implemented in anyway that you know of. I’m like Bethany, I’m late at the response, but just now am reading it. Thank you.

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