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September 27th, 2008 Eileen’s Outdoor Cat Enclosure

Eileen\'s Outdoor Cat Enclosure

Eileen\'s Outdoor Cat Enclosure

This spacious cat enclosure was built for Eileen’s lucky cats at their house in Minnesota. The thoughtful design includes easy access for humans as well as a tunnel leading from the house, across the deck and into the large enclosed area.

10 Responses to “Eileen’s Outdoor Cat Enclosure”

  1. jmuhj Says:

    This one truly replicates the outdoor experience, complete with grass! Very ingenious and enjoyable, I’m sure, for the felines.

  2. Barbara Says:

    ah ha! the missing component in my catio. my cats have a double-decker but they don’t have access to grass and since they are all former street cats they have let me know that their 10 X 15 (the human level) and the equally big cats only level below is just not enough. I forgot about the grass! sheesh, now I have to put in turf and and add another enclosure.

  3. BeesOnEarth Says:

    I have a small fire escape that I will trick out this spring for my 2: cover the gape with makeshift hinged floor which will bear the weight of 2 cats, chicken wire around and above the walls, and PLANTS. Cat-friendly ones of course.

    I am psyched about Catios blog! Tiny bit wondrous at the mega fancy super large Catios with their lack of nature – plants, grass, sunlight…
    Hopefully that aspect is in the works. Granted – it’s fabulous for cats and dogs to get outside air, but to then have no access to plant life, etc…… hmmmm. Seems kinda like attaching a bakery to your house but never ever getting to taste one gosh darned muffin…

    Totally, when I finish my urban Fire Escape Catio, i will send pics of the craziness and take all critiques and suggestions! hahaha!

    Lastly, I would like to share with the Catio, and Outside Cat/Dog Community at large, a DIY non-poisonous Flea Wash: (goes without saying – don’t take my word, research this and decide) :

    DIY flea wash. Start with a base of 4 – 8 oz castile soap and add 10 drops of lavender, five drops of eucalyptus, five drops of rosemary and five drops of cajuput oil.

  4. Chantal Says:

    This is the best by virtue of access to grass!! In general, the biggest ones are my favorites! I’d max out my backyard if I were a homeowner.

  5. Bob Frapples Says:

    Excellent catio! I am about to build one too and it will also have natural ground, though not lawn. What do you suggest for a “litter area”? How do you do it and how do you clean it? I wonder if it should stay dry or get rain rinsed…


  6. Brad Says:

    WOOOOW!!!! This is really cool. Clever of how you thought of it!!

  7. Karen Says:

    I am really impressed with this product. I live in a condo, so my cat has no outdoor access. With this product, my cat can enjoy the outdoors once again! It is well made and durable. I would definitely recommend it!

  8. Loretta Says:

    These are so neat. I think for people that live in apartments it would be super to put chicken wire up so you kitty could just hang out. Good idea for small dog whose owners don’t have fences.

  9. Gayze (Gazehound's Animal Communication) Says:

    This is really nice, just what the cat-doctor ordered for something I’m considering for our cats. However, I see this enclosure is constructed in Minnesota. Did the winter weather/snow cause any damage to the structure?

  10. Linda of WA Says:

    Sisal – how is it being attached? I’m assuming it is only attached on the ends, and then wrapped tightly. I’m building an enclosure for my cats. (I would be afraid staples would catch their claw, and glue would be a mess for their claws.)

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